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  1. Have you tried the repair option? I don’t have a link but if you search DCS repair then you should get plenty of good hits.
  2. I think what the asshats like me are saying is that getting upset isn’t going to change the practical reality for you. Angrily telling professional software developers that ideally their product should ideally be 100% stable and bug free isn’t constructive, they already know that. The problem is that every other post on here is a complaint that they aren’t releasing their unstable code base quickly enough.
  3. Caveat Emptor. You paid for precisely what was available at the time of purchase. The engine is free, you bought/buy modules having received, and presumably tested, the base product for free. If you thought that it was bad then why did you throw more money at it with the hope that it would some day meet your expectations? This is entertainment, if it doesn’t entertain you then do something else. Time is precious, it’s not worth getting this wound up about a video game.
  4. I have seen a few complaints about the ladder on the Hornet in MP but no solutions I am afraid. I naively thought that they meant the pitch ladder on the HUD:music_whistling:
  5. You could check out the Grim Reapers Tutorials on YouTube. Playlist for each aircraft starts with a video on mapping controls. The guy who does the videos uses an x56.
  6. “A Swiss aerial display team has performed a fly-by over the wrong town, surprising people at a yodelling festival taking place nearby.” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48916084 “...the F-5E Tiger II aircraft were not equipped with GPS technology.”
  7. Another +1 here. DCS has re-defined my view of what a consumer simulation can offer in terms of detail and fidelity.
  8. So you can’t designate the HARM display to be Sensor of Interest? You are able to switch SOI between the HUD and other displays though right?
  9. Does it always pull to the left? If so it could be a sensor fault in the base of the stick. I would imagine that would be a factory repair/replacement. I have had control input freeze on me in the past, in that case no other inputs worked either. When this happens, do you still have control over all of the other axis and buttons on the warthog?
  10. This could also be the best fun an FAC can have in DCS.
  11. Interesting article from ArsTechnica: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/01/previously-secret-cia-report-documents-spear-attack-against-surveillance-plane/
  12. I have both Tacview and Viacom Pro installed, would you categorise them as mods? Otherwise vanilla 2.5.4
  13. For the logs attached in the post above I was taxiing at Kutaisi in the F18. Once crashes had happened I was able to close DCS with ‘end task’. Earlier I had two hard lockup’s while in the F10 menu while attempting to get some value for money from CA. In that case I couldnt force quit DCS with end task so had to log out to close it. The logs from those crashes were corrupted.
  14. I am getting crashing every time I play at the moment. Have attached 2 x dumps but must have had 5-6 crashes this afternoon. In many cases the dump archive is corrupted. I dont have any mods accept for Tacview. NVIDIA driver is 417.35, other spec's in my signature below. dcs.log-20181221-160239.zip dcs.log-20181221-172730.zip
  15. Yep, this helped enormously. Hadn’t realised that the RWR needed to be turned on...:thumbup:
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