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  1. For non-VR that might work. For VR it is way to shaky and if you're using a motion rig like me AND VR then you're totally lost. With that combination the ridiculous locking "capability" using the Shkval screen is just annoying...
  2. Interesting post, thanks. So - assuming it is not a burned out laser but still an "over time" issue (I assume that bcs. it never happens at the beginning of a mission or at least I havn't seen that, yet), it would be easy to test: I could just start my mission, do a 25min sightseeing flight while never switching on the laser, THEN try to lock and lase sth. and it should work? If it doesn't, the issue can't be related to a burned out laser since it wasn't active till this point. I'll try as soon as I have time...
  3. @Fri13, I disagree here. I've made a mission I fly quite often (made it to familiarize myself again with the KA-50 after not using it for two years or so). It first was quite small but I've extended it more and more so that I now need much more time to finish it (due to air defense and generally targets which don't like being shot at). This also was when I hit the problem with the "ballistic Vikhrs" for the first time. It clearly seems to be a laser issue and especially a laser-fails-over-time issue. The first 15 or 20 minutes everything is perfectly fine (laser usually was "on" all the
  4. Actually it simply seems to be the "good old burned-out laser thing". It happened just recently again, after being into the mission for about 30min. I then once more did some research and found reports back to 2010 and even before. I returned to the base for repair but nothing was repaired. Did a rearm, tried again, all Vikhrs going ballistic. Laser-counter starts at 01 or maybe 02. I'll verify by really keeping the laser on for as short as possible as soon as I have time. yes, sorry for causing confusion.
  5. That is quite sparse as a description of a possible issue. I'd say, assuming your stick is okay, you should tune the curves in the axis setup of DCS.
  6. That's quite interesting, thanks. But no, I only hat Shkvals with me and was attacking a (static) truck convoi. I already had killed three or four when those Skvals failed. I then switched to another target which I could destroy without any issues. I have seen this before in similar situations. The reason is unclear to me.
  7. I think there is no DCS module which "really works". We have to live with that and I don't expect it to ever change. What really annoys me in the KA-50 is Shkval's which just don't lock or having a clean lock and the Shkval decides to make a nice little trip to wherever but not to the target. Had one of those just yesterday. Static target (truck), about 3km distance, fired Shkval but it just went down in some -30 degrees from where fired, hitting the ground. Unlock, lock again, fire, Shkval doing the same...
  8. help me out, is that the mission where you shall pick up some dudes in the forest at night? If so, for that mission it was absolutely crucial to fly the right path. I failed totally, several times. See the mission description again for details. Note that the camp fire you're supposed to look for is not there before you fire the flares at the right place at the right time. It's pretty unrealistic but that's the way it is.
  9. certainly. But you need to ask your question.
  10. always reading the patch notes with that "will there be anything regarding VR performance?" anticipation - and there never is. My ears still ring with the "massive performance boost ahead" announced some time (no, a long time) ago. Is there no work going on any more for VR?
  11. Hmm yes, I vaguely remember having that problem, too. It's been a while, but I'm quite sure it was either caused by missing a waypoint or by not doing the right thing on one of the stops. Look, missions in DCS can be quite stubborn. They are based on triggers, so if a trigger wasn't triggered (no pun intendend), things will break. If you, as an example, are supposed to fly over a certain point but you don't, the mission does not "notice" your progress and the next trigger won't work. I had an annoying one in I think the Oilfield Campaign. I understood that I shall land, pick sth up or unlo
  12. Uhm, both missions you've mentioned here work perfectly alright. If I understand your post above for "Documents" right - you're doing TWO stops? That is wrong, that mission is THREE stops on the way, so including the return to the home base you're supposed to do FOUR landings altogether. That mission seems to be quite forgiving. For skipping one stop I would give a "0", not a "50".
  13. I tried to find the solution, but failed and this thread is sooo long... I have an issue currently, I can't select menu items by saying "take X". It generally looks OK (read down to top): 10:17:00.203 Constructing message... 10:17:00.201 TX4 | AUTO: [ ] , [ Menu Item 5 ] 10:17:00.199 Have result, identified as command: Take 5 10:17:00.198 Captured sentence: take 5 10:17:00.173 Recognized : 'take 5' But the menu item in DCS still is not selected. I'm using Vaicom Pro for years now and I'm not aware of any changes I might have done (besides updating to the latest DCS OB as I
  14. Well, first of all that "stable" thing is kind of a misconception when talking about DCS. After all, "stable" is nothing but a former Beta relabeled as "stable". By no means "stable" is stable in DCS. If you want to have the latest stuff, even if it only partially works, go with OB. If you prefer stuff a bit more stable (no pun intended) stick with the "stable" release. I personally(!) switched to OB a long time ago. It hardly ever is less stable than "stable" and the in this thread meantioned performance issues I never saw (VR only here).
  15. I was just about hitting the forum to report exactly this. Started a couple of weeks ago and spoils the fun severely ever since. So I understand it must be sth. general :cry:
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