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  1. any information about vulkan update? Hi. I'm supporting DCS because ED said, long time ago, it would support vulkan. Many of us would like to know how the task is going and when more or less would be ready the first beta. We've been waiting too long without any news. Many thanks and keep pushing.
  2. Supercarrier is a great advance EDIT: it was the msaa filter. Without it, it is smooth but I don't understand why with the filter and without reaching 90% of my gpu I lose smoothness.
  3. Supercarrier is a great advance I really like what ED has made with the supercarrier: amazing, fun, realistic... I'm really glad I bought it. What I don't understand: while flying, all is smooth, the sea, the buildings, the land but when I fly over the supercarrier I don't have that smoothness even if my cpu and gpu are not maxed. I fly with Pimax 5k+(hopefully in summer 8kx) and 9900k 5.1oc and 2080ti. We need more improvement in VR. Thanks.
  4. I really trust what DCS is doing with VULKAN. I hope it will bring better performance to VR. I bought F18 and supercarrier hoping that. It would be nice to have VULKAN before the summer. Is there any possibility? 9900ks oc 5.1- 2080ti- pimax5k+
  5. It's a pity Oh! It's a pity to hear this news. I hope you will be able to improve the VR performance in DCS and the core engine. I will buy more DLC when I see that. Keep on pushing ED!!:thumbup:
  6. We are still looking forward to seeing the improvements in VR or have more information about the process to achieve it. 2080ti Pimax 5k+
  7. Any words about the vr performance improvement Do we have any update from developers about the vr improvement? Many of us don't see any improvement. We are really looking forward to seeing working. 2080ti Pimax 5k+
  8. Hi. We are still waiting for the promised improvements in VR. We would like to have fixed foveated rendering too. It would be a great jump in performance. Thanks.
  9. I haven't seen any and I have a 2080ti. I am looking forward seeing any improvement. At the moment no 3,15, 25, 40 or 50% improvement.
  10. What about the long waited improvements for VR? I only use VR in flight simulators because after trying vr I can't go back to a monitor. Before buying new modules for DCS I would like to see the promised performance improvement but after many months we don't have them. I was hoping that before summer we could enjoy the vr improvements. What a pity!!!
  11. Great news!! It seems that next week we'll have the long-awaited vr improvement. It was odd to me that it didn't include "Las Vegas" scenery. Why will the other sceneries have that improvement and not "Las Vegas"? I'm really waiting for these vr improvements to decide investing more money in this simulator. Thanks ED for pushing VR, the real future of simulation. Looking forward hearing about vulkan. Pimax 5k, 2080ti
  12. We are looking forward to having the promised VR improvements. When will they be ready? I hope before summer at the latest.:cry: Good news: Pimax is from now Open VR. It will be easier for DCS to improve the performance in this headset.
  13. This is extremely good. I'm glad Pimax is improving its software to have more performance. Now we need what ED dcs has promised us: better vr in its game. We are looking forward to seeing these improvements. We need them to have a nice and smooth flight experience. Pimax 5k+ 2080ti cpu oc 5ghz
  14. Hi. I have Pimax 5k+ 1 month ago. I like to try DCS and... it could be great BUT... fps is very poor. Therefore I can't recommend to fly with DCS. We need DCS to improve their code to have better VR. The only flight simulator for VR at the moment to really enjoy it is FS2 AEROFLY. I can have 90fps. I really need those 90fps to enjoy flying. The smoothness is a must otherwise I don't feel I'm flying. We also need no parallel projection, foveated rendering and hopefully DLSS. CPU 5GHZ OC - 2080TI
  15. Thank your very much for the news. We are really looking forward to seeing those improvements as I will surely invest more money in your planes and maps. Keep pushing hard on VR!!! It's the future once you have tried it.
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