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  1. I did a random test today and if "hold" command added under the tab "triggered actions" the ground units hold their position. However if adding "hold" command under the tab "route" they do not hold their position.
  2. Will we see a fix soon on the matter? Im simply asking since most mission built will be a mess and not really playable from a enjoyable point of view (look a cluster**** of units piled up in a unrecognisable blob). Thanks :)
  3. Some pro flying at nap of the earth and a spot on landing:
  4. Have done some mod work with the M261 rocket pods liverie. Basically whats needed is to add a dds file into the aeroweapons.zip located in the core installation of DCS. 1. Make a backup of the zip file and then extract the content to a non DCS installation folder - named exactly as the zip file. 2. Add dds files into the aeroweapons folder extracted from the zip. 3. Zip all files inside the actual folder and name the zipfile exactly as the origin zip file. 4. Move the new zip file into the DCS core folder location for the origin zip file and replace it with your custom zip file.
  5. Hello Flappie! After some research I did notice by pure random luck that the hold command is the problem. If hold present = the units move to the 1st unit in the group and cluster up. If hold not present = the units stay in their preset position from the editor.
  6. Update: I noticed that the same issue arose with newly placed units - after I had added hold command to them. I removed the hold command and then they stayed in place. Seem to be some mishap with inverted command to the function "hold".
  7. Related to DCS Open Beta - 04.11.2020 patch. Just wanted to give ED a heads up on an issue that has arisen with the current patch. Great job on all those fixes, but still wanted to flag around the current topic. The current issue more or less means that mission builders need to replace current placed groups with new groups which will be a tedious task. What happens is that pre patch placed vehicles break their position to link up with the lead unit, even when tasked to hold. Would be great to see a solution! Keep up the good work you do.
  8. I've also noticed that a fire at point command controlled by flag conditions on and off, only works once. Which is strange since it should be able to repeat itself. Also the reload timers on ground vehicles doesn't seem to work as they should with specific reload timers. I've observed the mortar tubes and the paladin doing their stuff at the same time and it seems like they needed equal amount of time to reload. Also their reload time didn't add up with their supposed reload timers.
  9. So basically I've set up ground units to only fire at a specific point with a certain radius. Their fire at point is initiated by the condition "part of coalition in zone" - in this case red, which sets a certain flag number to on (100). The fire at point command will stop based on the condition "all of coalition out of zone", which sets a certain flag number to off (100). One would think that since the ground units have stopped firing due to the conditions above they would reload while they are in inactive/in standby. I've noticed that this is not the case as long as the fire at point
  10. I redownloaded your mod, inserted it and now the huey dustup etc looks like it should with your awesome mod. But I think it as mentioned earlier has to do with their latest patch (which seem to have fixed it) :)
  11. Cool, ill check again tomorrow ????
  12. Seems like the smoke mod is not working due to the latest updates :doh:
  13. Taz I did some research I found out why the dustup was not working. For some reason I didn't have the shader folder from your mod along. Downloaded your latest version and noted I didn't have it. Heres some new pictures from Syria :) https://imgur.com/a/3WHHRxA
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