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  1. MLU- Belgian Air Force would be awesome.
  2. The AI SAM isn't that stupid. It is just trying to get you in its optimal kill zone by getting you closer and it won't fire all the time as soon as you enter threat circle.
  3. Brother ..... don’t get me started on that one :lol:
  4. I really wish that performance wise we would have something somewhat stable. Every now and then i have to rejaust the whole settings on my nvidia card and in DCS. i spend more time tweaking than flying. At some point it becomes really really frustrating.
  5. I am addressing this to the ED team directly. Although very minor in the to do list, is it possible to have more F-16 related squadron patches for the logbook ? There is the YGBSM and 555 FSQN patch, but that is pretty much all of it. It would be nice if we at least could get a VIPER DRIVER patch. Thank you to the ED team for the job done. :pilotfly:
  6. At least now you get the struggle to find something with the TGP without the help from an afac or jtac. In AA mode it actually isn’t that bad at all, you just have to get closer to be able to point track, TV usually works better. Also depends on how the bugged target is maneuvering.
  7. Hey Man, relax. It is a game, it is supposed to be fun. The frustration often comes from the fact that we as consumers tend to forget that we agreed on buying early access products.
  8. Did you guys check your keyfiles after the update ?
  9. Guys ... Guys .... just give it time. I don’t get all the hate and harsh comments .... just don’t buy early access.
  10. The good news behind that TGP upgrade is that they had to fix the whole navigation system too.
  11. Yep, most of them are real F-16 pilots .
  12. Very nice video and good music choice
  13. ED thank you for taking our wishes into consideration. You guys at ED did a lot of effort in terms of communication. I am very pleased with what I see from you lately. Keep It up and thank you for providing us with something that turns our dreams into reality.
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