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  1. J900

    Hawker Typhoon

    No plans for that gun sight yet but that could change later on...
  2. J900

    Hawker Typhoon

    Very WIP but just to give you an idea..upper and lower panels are still separate as can be seen in image but will be joined when everything is in place, lots of small details to add etc. Both gunsights are modelled one with adjustable head for rockets. Placement of instruments will look different for some things as just about all images on internet show later modified panels this is the correct layout..
  3. It is actually very likely! at the minimum a mod but hopefully more than that...
  4. J900

    Hawker Typhoon

    As the title says :music_whistling:
  5. Is a standalone mod but my intention long term is EFM or better..:music_whistling: Just to give you an idea here are a couple of scrn shots from a quick test. Most of it is textured but didn't need them applied for what i was doing.
  6. Hi all, small update the Typhoon cockpit is almost finished so am aiming to release that first then afterwards the meteor. Won't commit to a precise time but hopefully end of august..
  7. Yes its a possibility, apart from some tidying up of player cockpit textures & damage model lod's i'd say the physical model should be good to go for people to try for first time but the code side of things will certainly still need some work. I can't see end of july being a problem if people accept it is a wip & can also get some feedback. A working meteor would be better than no Meteor.. My plan is initially to release with basic sfm functionality with damage model & to function as an AI that is certain, long term would like to make it EFM & really hone the whole mod. Typhoon could realistically have a complete player cockpit with basic working external without physical damage though by Christmas all being well & same again would be willing to make available then & then just keep updating them. It does concern me however how safe the modding future of dcs is but will look on the bright side for time being..
  8. Once the player cockpit is complete will go back to the external, external cockpit is still to do & skin is just placeholder...
  9. Nope, just distracted temporarily by the other ac i'm working on...:music_whistling:
  10. Can't see anything being done in the short term, long term who knows.. The unfortunate thing is even if people continue using older versions of max along with the older .edm tools in the likely event that something changes with the edm format again that's it, finished!
  11. Hello, would just like to ask if there are plans to update the edm tools so non third parties can continue to create mods & export models? Thanks.
  12. This concerns me alot! Hope i am wrong but have a bad feeling about this..
  13. J900

    Hi everyone

    Only the AI can use the base systems such as landing gear etc which is why they appear to work for human player the systems have to be coded from scratch, it is the only way.
  14. J900

    Hi everyone

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