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  1. Using Skatezilla's DCS Launcher Utility is perfect for this.
  2. Looking for answers on how to manage things like escorts, fighter sweeps, companion flights. I am designing a mission with the Herc that has to fly through enemy territory and I am having trouble getting the escorts in particular to play well. They takeoff immediately and if I am slow off the runway, they fly for WP 1 without me, won't wait for me to catch up, and generally as a result we all get shot down. I'd like to do something like a rally point, but I have no idea how to make it sort out.
  3. What mods do you have running? Have you tried removing them and doing Clean and Repair with DCSUpdater?
  4. I am referring to Max Weight. That would be the 10,580 figure in the first box. I am aware that the second box is the total weight of the aircraft. In this image, I am already overweight, with only 6 rockets and 65% fuel. If I were to increase the load to 6 rockets, 2 bombs and 100% fuel, the aircraft Total weight would be just shy of 12,000lbs. Which is within limits according to sources, but in the ME, it would show as over max weight and the counter would show me as 113% (in red.) To be fair, the aircraft will still take off in this configuration. It's hairy, but it'll do it. Bu
  5. OB .59625 Is the max takeoff weight for the P51 correct? I have seen several sources that list max weight for the D model at 12,000+ pounds. But in the ME, max weight is 10,500, which means you are over weight if you try to take a full compliment of HVARS, or almost any amount of fuel. Or am I reading this wrong?
  6. I was learning how to set up carpet bombing missions using the GR tutorial. I had some issues getting it to work right and at the end I still had issues but the mission "worked." One issue was bomb spacing. The bomb drop default to a linear spacing of 1600'. If you change that in any way, say to cover a 2000' or 3000' runway, the spacing will change to something over 6000' and you will miss the target because the bomb density is not high enough. A second issue is silly. A box formation of 4 3-ship elements in either Open or Closed spacing will kill 2-5 of their own airc
  7. I am trying to set up templates for use in creating bomber formations. I have one set up for a B17 Lead Group element. I want to set one up for a completed Box, with the intention being drop the completed Box, set waypoints and mission tasks and be done with the whole thing in one go. Is it possible to create a Template from more than one Group?
  8. Edit: This appears to be cleared up as of version Working on setting up a basic Transport/Escort mission. I was adding the escort flight, and opened the aircraft configuration window from the left sidebar. I made all my changes, and copied to all flight members. The attached image shows where I am stuck. The configuration window is on top of everything else and will not close. It will minimize, and I can move it, but remains on top. Alt-F4 does not close the window. In order to get out, I had to force close the program. Nothing about this is particu
  9. Is it possible to set an escort mission from the interface? Or does that have to be done in the ME after the fact? nvm - I see that it is available in the new version.
  10. DCS capture protocol is "Kill all enemy units at the base, then have at least one friendly unit occupy that base." I believe that happens automagically. The important thing is "Kill *ALL*." Anything left, even non-tactical units, will prevent it.
  11. Can confirm. Version 2.1.5 - Started New campaign on Channel map. Summer '44, WWII BlueFor and Redfor. Purchased aircraft, pass turn for delivery. Added missions from Dunkirk and Manston. When I click the Take Off button, nothing happens. No mission is generated and no popup about how to run it. No errors in the info panel. Liberation log attached. channelcampcreate.txt
  12. Look into DCS: Liberation 2.0. I got familiar with flying the F5 flying that campaign and the older original version. It was a lot of fun.
  13. Clean and repair. If you are running any cockpit mods, disable them. You are getting errors loading a cockpit texture.
  14. Certainly not nobody, otherwise we would not have automatics.
  15. "DCS proudly announces new backgrounds by Escher!"
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