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  1. What are the probability we will se the module expanded to include the original versions of the Viggen, like the original AJ-37 or even the JA-37? ...like what we saw with the Tomcat. Those variants are much more interesting and relevant than the panic adhoc, stop gap, outdated AJS modification from the 90’s.
  2. That solved the problem. Thank you draconus!!! They split the dcs community into two branches without making it abundantly clear anywhere. Great! When someone asks, they tell you to ”make sure you’re on the latest beta version” witch to me implies simply making sure your client is up to date. Great!
  3. I called them allready. My ISP really really sucks unfortunately. They are not the least bit helpful. The employees I talked to even apologized. . as of now. . I don't remember. That was allmost 10 years ago. I have, however baught most modules for DCS. . Look. Thing is, I'm not the first person to encounter this problem. I have friends who played DCS for years without even knowing they could only see a fraction of the multiplayer servers, before I told them to join one of those servers. This is an important problem that ED really have to address anyw
  4. Since I'm here, typing on this forum, my ISP have provided me with an internet connection. According to them, thats their responsebileties fullfilled. So what do I do now? I can't switch to another ISP because of the address I'm living. Look at it from my perspective - I paid alot of money for DCS. I bought A-10C ten years ago. Now I can't use the multiplayer part of the game. ED, for real now, just get on top of this issue will you.
  5. Is it an NAT-problem? Why would that affect only the fun servers but not all the training servers? And still... why does only DCS and like... two other games still have this problem?
  6. 1. Why can't I see all servers i the multiplayer server list? I never had this problem before. Friedns of me had, so I know about the problem. Now I have it. 2. How can this be, that some servers are visible and some not. It's allways the same servers it seems. The Cold war server and the Hogit servers and so on. 3. Why is this problem still in DCS? Btw: I did everything, it didn't fix the problem. I checked DCS file integrity and update to latest version. I have IPv6 and so on... I even reinstalled DCS multiple times on different drives. Please Eagle Dynamics, can I just play t
  7. Don't worry. The MiG-23 hype will sort this out. :smilewink:
  8. What a coinsidence... Just a few days before you made this video, I flew a Viggen with white paint scheme, two ARAK pods under the wings and four Rb-24’s, making a steep climb in afterburner over the target airfield on the mission ”Phone Booth” and got shot down by an Su-25 that took my left wing off. And then he kept pestering me avery time I took off and went over there... just like the Viggen in this propaganda clip. But thing is, I distinctly remember eventually blowing the Su-25 to pieces so clearly this isn’t that perticular interaction. ;-)
  9. ”Never back down from a fight. You’ll be happier that way and you’ll die soon enough. You’re a godddamned fool if you think you’ll live forever just because you wont fight.”
  10. :worthy: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/01/03/sailors-hold-heathen-religious-services-aboard-deployed-aircraft-carrier.html https://www.navytimes.com/off-duty/military-culture/2019/01/07/heathens-hold-religious-services-rooted-in-norse-paganism-aboard-aircraft-carrier/
  11. Aircraft I’m dreaming of the most: AH-64 Apache JA-37 Viggen Mirage IIIC F-4 Phantom MiG-23/-27 And ofc the AC-130 Spectre and a map of south east asia. :-P
  12. Nah, I’m not saying we can’t move aircraft to the other team. I’m saying the Viggen should be the last aircraft to be moved, not the second one after the french Mirage. I get some people think Sweden, being a neutral country and not in NATO means Sweden is less anti-[the other team] than for example Brittain, Israel or Japan. Hence my history lesson to explain why Sweden is probably the most anti-[the eastern block] country there is. (Except maybe Finland and Poland) Some dudes got offended and reported my last post to ED. I got accused of ”appealing nationalism” [sic] and being offensive
  13. Move the Viggen to the NATO side, please. There is NO logic in a Swedish weapon system being on the dark side. Sweden has been at war with Russia, on and off, for over a millennia. Close to every country on this planet have been allied to the Soviet Union or Russi at at least one point through history. Even the US was allied with the Communists during WW2. Sweden has not. Never! For example - The only break in the famous Swedish historical neutrality took place when Sweden sided with Finland during the Finnish Winter War, being attacked by The Soviet Union during WW2. Move ANY aircraft to t
  14. I hope not. In this particular case, diversity actually IS something good. It would be sad to see people split up on different servers even more.
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