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  1. Just out of interest. I was looking to maybe purchase the Harrier depending on how many bonus points I can use. It is at full price but going through the buying process does not add/subtract any bonus credits
  2. Good question, I wondered that too. I don't notice it too much but running Oculus software must use some resources I would rather have in reserve for DCS when required
  3. I seem to remember about 40Gbs Its been a while. The back threads just after release will have that info I remember asking it myself :) Scratch that, the whole map is 33Gb disk size. We had to get 2.0 at the same time as the NTTR which made it bigger
  4. Looking forward to this coming to the Sim, I do hope its playable so we can emulate the defences of Haiphong This is a nice read https://www.airspacemag.com/military-aviation/missile-men-north-vietnam-180953375/
  5. Got mine running 5Ghz immediately and it has never crashed. Although it did at 5.3Ghz great gains for no effort. Just my opinion :)
  6. Ask without reposting pics!!! Going to try this mod in VR and see if I can keep acceptable frames :thumbup: Thanks Mustang sorry can't rep you ;)
  7. Chances of finding a suitable squadron/unit to fly with is slim if your just joining random open servers. They can attract the types of player your talking about because of the easier access. Most "professional" units will have a recruitment policy and passworded servers. Your better bet is to find a group that fly your preferred platform and find a way to contact them regarding recruitment. Browse this thread for ideas https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=34062
  8. Really enjoyed watching this although I had to watch it in several goes, how long did it take to upload :joystick: Look forward to the next leg :thumbup:
  9. Wonder if they will remember their old mates now they hit the big time ;) Congrats guys:thumbup:
  10. I 2nd that great chip and 16Gb Ram is plenty ATM for myself using VR :)
  11. No hardpoints on the quick start freeflight so weight wont be an issue
  12. Cibit

    VR in 2.5

    And dont have more than 2x MSAA with deffer-ed shading
  13. Yeah normally you spot the tracer first coming straight at you ;) I used to fly MP missions with an AFAC role I used to hog. A10-C loaded with WP makes a great job but a Bronco would be the bees knees (I dont as a rule add to wish lists but this is the exception) :thumbup:
  14. I have been flying the A10-C since the open beta. It has enough systems to learn that it will take a great deal of time and effort to be thoroughly competent and it is a joy to fly even after all this time. The F5 and Viggen are amazing planes and are very well modelled and fun to fly. The WWII planes are all well worth a look and the spitfire in particular is a marvel of a thing to fly and shoot with. The L39 and C101 are similar trainer types though do have/will come with armed varients. The Mig 21 is worth considering too. I love it but never have enough time to fly it as often as I would like I can't comment on either the harrier (my next choice to buy) the Mirage or the FW190 as I dont own them I fly choppers predominantly so if you want to learn some aircraft systems have fun flying it and being able to carry large amounts of mixed ordnance then buy the Mi-8MTV2 :thumbup: Also waiting keenly for my Hornet which I pre-purchased a while back
  15. Yeah its a pain but it is what we have to live with AFAIK.
  16. So pleased to hear the news I have been a big supporter of VEAO over the years and look forward to the goodies :)
  17. TBH I don't need to input any pedal as it is literally a blip of lift to change the attitude. Once your past 40 knots there is a need to increase collective a lot and then I make the pedal adjustments to keep straight. :thumbup:
  18. To refine this part a bit, pull a bit of collective as this will raise the pitch of your nose to flare and then lower it so the power increase does not begin an ascent. But levels off the ship without to much input on the cyclic. Once you change the attitude of the ship with collective then hold it with the cyclic
  19. On my joystick I have weapons release button. a hat button dedicated to the radio selector dial. Trim button(Pinkie) trim hat switch assigned searchlight axis, a centre view button (Button 5) flares mapped, radio PTT on my trigger 2nd stage intercom on first stage and a cargo release. Thats it I use a mouse or keyboard for anything else :)
  20. No complaints with my 8600k. I can thoroughly recommend it for DCS and all the other games I play. 6 cores without HT but its fast and cool and I do very little of anything which would benefit from HT :thumbup:
  21. Can you not say thanks without posting his whole post again.
  22. I have a 15cm extension centre mounted on a wheelstand pro. After years of flying with a desk mounted joystick the ergonomics of a center mounted stick was excellent and saves my shoulder from an unnatural angle :) Now when I first get into the huey I trim back and left and then never have to trim again as the extension allows the stick to stay where I place it countering the spring forces. My extension came from Sahaj https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=120997
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