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  1. I found holding the trim down till you reach required position works but trimming like we do in other planes does not work
  2. Just a thought looking at your Sig. Have you turned off turbo boost and enabled an XMP profile for your RAM? It makes all your cores run at boost settings continuously
  3. I found that until I replaced my ageing rig with my new one the GPU usage was low. Having a more powerful CPU allows my 1080 to run at between 97 and 99%. Before that had similar returns to yourself. I found that the new OB is smoother for me in VR than the previous build. Have you tried with medium shadows dialled down to flat ?
  4. I use 2xMSAA and 8x AF for MP and 16x in SP. I also reduce visability and have it at extreme when SP. I used a reg tweak to disable ASW permanently and this gives me fluid gameplay with even 30 FPS. That was my settings in 2.5.1 I have not had time or inclination to alter settings while I play with the Hornet:) Edit PD is @1.5 through GUI
  5. FYI unless you opt out of the beta or rather never opted in then you can check for Occulus to run as admin and the software won't start when DCS does. This is not possible to do anymore with the OR Beta Hippo I have a 1080 and it performs very well in VR and until the next gen of HMD are available I believe it is more than sufficient. Faster CPU helps equally as its needed to drive these cards to the maximum. Edit I see your specs :) Good luck with your purchase
  6. See the number of connected users logged in it has surpassed NTTR release date :thumbup: Off to the shops while waiting for the update to release. Think peaceful thoughts while we pass the time;)
  7. I imagine thats why its made an appearance in the Open Beta so it can be tweaked and optimised I used it for some screenshots and managed FPS in the high 80's so it does work and obviously your rig is slightly better than mine @davidzill
  8. Persian Gulf in VR at night is sublime. Words can't describe it:thumbup: Even the car headlights illuminate the area in front of the cars
  9. If you would like your game to be as bug free as possible get the 2.5.1 stable If you would like all the new features as soon as they become available including the Persian Gulf map and the Hornet next week then get 2.5.2 Open Beta Use Skatezilla's app to change between builds if you want the best of both worlds https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160053
  10. Appreciate you taking the time to do this. It certainly smooths out the learning curve :)
  11. It got really slow for the last quarter yesterday for me although I was still seeding at 9 mb and downloading 250kb/s
  12. Its like Arma 3 :) I love the rain effects too
  13. Thanks guys I am still undecided. I want speed :)
  14. I knocked my MSAA to 2x for better performance and discovered that my view was set to extreme although changing to high resulted in no extra FPS. Took my huey for a spin around the east coast very nice map from first look low down Oh and you can land choppers on the new oil tankers :thumbup:
  15. I got the Harrier with 16$ bonus off. Thanks Big Newy :thumbup:
  16. I tried the Mav training tonight and got 3 off the rails in succession the 4th borked and a reset of the weapon selector cured it Edit: as Finn J described is what happened with my 4th Mav
  17. Great work thanks for the update :)
  18. Ho I am looking at M.2 drives and want to know the best to get for my system. I am looking at the SATA Evo960 500Gb as this falls within the budget at £129.00 Basically I just want a bigger SSD for DCS as the 250Gb one I use is getting fuller and with the new map I will only have 50Gb spare. Once bought I will move Windows from a 120Gb SSD to the 240Gb(DCS) SSD and DCS will have a 500Gb all to itself :) Just to confuse the issue I use all 6 SATA connectors for 3x SSD and 3 x HDD one SSD is only 40 GB so my son can have that one leaving one free SATA slot
  19. Yeah I figure its going to be a slow torrent as usual. I can however revel in the fact that by the time the next map is released I will have superfast broadband :thumbup: Might have to pop on to visit you TAW chaps when I get the F/A-18 ;)
  20. I don't suppose there is but, I have a new house we have not moved into yet and it is getting the fibre installed on Tuesday. Can I use a separate PC to download the map and then take it back to my gaming PC which wont move to the new house until I do (September) New ISP gives 40Mb/s current one gives 3.5 Mb/s so I hope you see the reason for the question :)
  21. There was a Mod out that allowed you to pick a different aircraft. I have the huey in OvGME to replace the SU 27 Edit: Mod does not work in 2.5.1
  22. I flew and still fly the 1st instant action mission, pretty much every HOTAS control you will use is needed to complete the mission successfully. Before the Warthog I used Jack Bauers profile and it worked flawlessly. I hope you enjoy the Hog as much as I have done and still do :thumbup: @Hey StrongHarm how goes the war :)
  23. Some of my favourite gamer friends are women, not in DCS unfortunately but a lot of my Steam friends are female and I tend to keep my language and actions moderated because of this. Being in my 50's now I have seen a huge change in how women are perceived since the 70's and it is obviously for the better but not all of society has changed with the times and I guess wherever you go you will be met with prejudice from some quarters. And Raven if you like choppers your always welcome to come along to the 229th :)
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