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  1. I just got a 34Inch wide screen. Absolutely love it. I even dug out my track IR because DCS looks great in UHD 21:9 Enjoy your choice Mine is the IIyama Red Eagle GB3466 in case your interested. Its 144Hz 3440 x 1440
  2. Hi lurker, hope you're enjoying the card. I find I am hitting voltage ceiling and think I may undeevolt mine. The veiw distance has a big impact for me and in the rift anything more than medium seems unnecessary. Keep tweaking
  3. Yes to get the best out of the card the next upgrade will be newer, bigger CPU. In DCS cores dont matter but for all other applications I think more cores will help drive FPS I think for most people a 3090 might be overkill but for an instant upgrade on a current build especially with a GTX card it will be a good upgrade. Faster memory will help with this too.
  4. So I shopped with my heart instead of my head and went with an Rtx 3090. I am still tweaking things at the moment but I have to say it's not the uplift in performance that I thought I would get over my Gtx 1080. Having said that I can now fly choppers in Syria with 90 fps and very smooth using the rift. It also allows fantastic performance over the Channel map flying the furball missions. It uses over 10Gb of memory in DCS on my settings in vr and I am pleased about that simply because it was one of the reasons I went with this card. My current settings are as follo
  5. Never one to normally complain but really, I certainly dont want to tweet or FB stuff from these forums. Are ED being paid for using this software or benefit from twitter or FB?
  6. LMAO, we just got an updated engine, its a marathon not a sprint as they say.
  7. I run a lot of settings that the opening poster has but I have 2xMSAA Civ traffic low,all sliders to the right and have better visuals than the test video. Great you have a 3080 I am jealous but some thing is wrong. It is plugged in and your not running on motherboard graphics? thats been done before :) I would make sure you have no driver issues, BIOS up to date etc. You have a big responsability as the owner of new tech to work it out and keep us informed Thanks
  8. If polychop can do it with the gazelle then I hope ED can do it with the hind, and retrofit the huey and hip too, :)
  9. I bought the Mi8-MTV2 in early access along with the huey, never realised it was 7 years since release but I figure I have got my moneys worth several times over with both modules. New models, glass cockpits where applicable and multicrew, I would pay for that again :)
  10. Just bought this software and voiceattack, its going to be a gamechanger for me thank you. My accent is a struggle for my PC but we are learning :thumbup:
  11. Goes without saying but its nice to hear though. Well done ED
  12. Nice to see you have kept your diplomatic head all these years mate. I despaired reading the previous 10 pages of posts :) Looking forward to the update thanks for the information
  13. You have to select the correct radio on the rotary to be able to transmit over it :)
  14. I hope to try this later today when the wife goes to see her horses. Cheers mate
  15. They do have real life Hip pilots on their development team. Check out his videos from a few years ago. He makes sling loading look especially easy and some of the stuff he did I will never hope to replicate and I have about 400 hours flying the Mi-8 in DCS. I dont think these guys would allow any deviation from the real world flight model unless it was a game engine limitation:)
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