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  1. Thank you very much for your advice I will try to reinstall Windows :)
  2. Thank you very much for your advice :)
  3. Does it happen in OTHER games too? Thank you very much for your reply For now, this problem is limited to DCS games I think I will reinstall Windows and DCS Try again to see if the problem persists
  4. I have an image problem in the game... I don't know how to describe the state of the problem I uploaded an image and asked an experienced person to help me analyze it This only happens in games In daily use and work status will not produce this problem My graphics card model: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB I updated to the latest version of driver v430.64 But the problem is the same :(
  5. Thank you for your efforts to improve the ED problem I don't know where this file should be placed My Saved Games\DCS\ doesn't have a Liveries folder with it I created a Liveries folder and a cockpit_su-25t folder And put the two files you provided in the folder However, the transparent effect of HUD glass is not changed in the game I must have done something wrong Please help me.Thank you very much! :(
  6. I downloaded the A-4E-C v1.3 module I save it in the folder path F:\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft\A-4E-C If I choose to take off on the ground, the plane will explode. If I choose to fly freely, the game can be played. The plane will explode when it starts on the ground. Starting in the air, the game can be played. What is the reason for this?
  7. I encountered the same problem after the update. This made my experience with version 2.5 a little bit worse. I couldn't see all the details in the HUD.
  8. The kh-29t missile needs to be used in well-lit conditions to achieve its effective range. Although it can be used in low-light environments, the distance to lock the target is much shorter. It is usually too close to the target to hit successfully. During the training session, your questions did not arise because the light was sufficient. In low-light environments you can choose other weapons that work well for you.
  9. Yes, the brightness is severely inadequate DCS should improve this, although it is free Every time I fly at night, I need to zoom in to see it
  10. Haha, I have the same experience, so I also want to know the answer
  11. Thank you very much for your reply and Suggestions. :) I'll first try to figure out how to get the kneeboard to move to the second monitor.
  12. I have used kneeboard. But I am not familiar with it He needs me to mark my current position all the time, which is not known by watching it instantly. Moreover, I need to manually mark him all the time If showing a map on a second monitor was not feasible, I had to overcome the problem. But I hope we can find a way to solve it.
  13. I wanted to be able to see where I was flying in real time, not just a screenshot. I'm now starting to practice closing the ground equipment tags, and I've only kept the aircraft and the missile tags, I always lose my bearings when I fly over the enemy and circle back. Although I try to remember the relative relationships among the landscape, rivers and roads, I often fail. I hope the F10 map feature will help me overcome this problem. Just like the MFCD can be displayed on the second monitor.
  14. Thank you for your reply to my question. My friends around me also warned me about the possibility of cheating in a multiplayer game. I'm just a beginner at the moment, and multiplayer is not a big draw for me at the moment. What I am concerned about now is the fun of flying and the beautiful scenery outside. As I get more and more familiar with DCS in the future, I believe I will ask for a more realistic operating environment. :)
  15. This is an image I made in Photoshop.I'd like to have the map displayed on the second monitor.But I don't know how to edit the lua file.Has anyone ever thought or tried that? My current setup is also a dual monitor.I put the MFCD on the second monitor. :)
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