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  1. Hi all, Iam getting more and more into the k50 Bit today I experienced a weird Startup behavior. The two engines were running way to high rpm after startup and I got several warnings about my erkran and what not... So in which position has the erkran to be at startup? I think it has something to do with the two yellow levers on the left behind the erkran?! However the engine rpm was at almost 10k rpn even when I was at about 1/2 of the throttle. Does anyone know what went wrong? ????
  2. NIce vids guys. If you want to fly with me write me a DM. Iam mostly available at the weekend because work is killing me but would be nice if you hit me up and we maybe get 4 or more ka50 on a server.
  3. Thanks for all the tips and comments! Finally the KA50 flies like a charm. I love the module because it is so different from all the other planes. Firing etc goes well now. But it took me a while to understand how the option „stick to neutral after trim“ works. Caused me to crash at 270 km/h into the water because the KA did not accept inputs after trim (stick don’t was in neutral after trim). Next steps -> learning proper navigation.
  4. It works now. The key is to be very sensitive on the controls. Auto target turning makes just minor adjustments? Just cleared an entire airbase on an PvE server (where the jets failed). KA50 is a great module! BTW: Is it normal that you have to adjust slightly with rudder in most cases until u get the final fire solution?
  5. I use pedals. And no I have no check in the ruder trim under the special options. I will try all tips this evening.
  6. I will try this evening and report. But it’s driving me nuts already.
  7. Okay i think I found the error: Does the KA50 to be in a perfect Hover for Auto target turn to work (0 drift and 0 speed). I think that was my mistake. I was in auto hover but still drifting a little bit.
  8. Hi guys. Iam pretty new to the KA50 BUT the auto target turning function does not work? Iam in auto hover mode and erverything is set up the right way, but it simply does not turn to the locked target...(is area lock enough?). I select Khivir missiles, but i have to turn the chopper manually each time which is really a PITA. Does anybody has the same issue? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for all the Tipps. Will try tacview to improve.
  10. Hi all, I can’t take it anymore so Iam asking you guys. Currently Iam really really really frustrated. I started to play Multiplayer now. So far so good. I joined Growling sidewinders Server. BUT it is impossible with these IR missiles. They hiding between every mountain with their IR missiles and just shoot you down. If you lock them with radar for AMRAAM they start running or evading the missile so easy it is absurd. Or a second IR troll is coming in and shooting you down while you chase the first one. So how does the fun coming in anyway? Is there some kind of tutorial or tactic that I can apply? I died approx. 10 times now without any kill.
  11. Hi all, how can I release one single Chaff or one single Flair? Each assigned to the press of one button? Counter Measures are set to bypass and to mode to manual but it does not work. Do I miss anything? KR
  12. Thanks. Can someone link a communications tutorial for the f16? Until now I was only flying with easy comms on. But this will change today.
  13. Hey, I also have some issues regarding the comms. Do they work in the single player missions which are coming with the viper (those where u do a cold start). I cant communicate either to my wingman in singleplayer. No matter what i do
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