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  1. I don't seem to have the fullscreen optimisation option in the graphics settings.
  2. I've just gone from a 1070 to a 6800xt. There were no stutters with the 1070 but now looking to the side it does. I tried the alt tab trick which smooths it out while not in focus but as soon as I go back in it stutters again.
  3. Christ knows what I've done but all of a sudden its working.
  4. Yep. Tired all the display ports. It was working just fine with my gtx 1070 before.
  5. No. I can't even get into the wmr cliff House. Haven't even tried dcs yet.
  6. I've just installed a new RX 6800 xt and gone to test my G1 HP Reverb. All I get is black inside the HMD. The desktop shows it tracking and I can hear sound in it but i can't see anything. I've got the latest AMD drivers and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling WMR but still nothing. Please help.
  7. Like many of us I'm trying to get my hands on a 6800xt or 3080 but as we all know there aren't many in the shops at the minute. When they do come up they are over £200 more than they were when they first came out. Is this price increase only there due to the high demand or do you think it's here to stay? Just wondering if it's worth getting one ASAP and pay whatever I have to or wait in the hope the price will go back down.
  8. Any chance of this feature in the upcoming 2.7? You posted a video on Facebook some time ago but there's been nothing since.
  9. Sorry, what I meant is I've tried the mission 3 times. Should there be radio messages from the tornados or just overlord?
  10. Try these 2 files. OVGME ready. AV8B canopy fix.zip M2000c canopy fix.zip
  11. I've managed to fix it. I've changed the colour of the roughmet file relating to the glass and the issue is solved. I didn't think anyone was bothered but it annoyed the he'll put off me.
  12. I'm having a few issues with this one. So far I've only heard overlord talking in one mission out of 3. There is no full comms menu either. The only options I get are F5 ATC and F12 Exit.
  13. It works perfectly for me. Does it work normally in other missions?
  14. Through the ground crew radio menu.
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