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  1. From within the cockpit the canopy glass changes colour depending on the colour of the terrain you are flying over. It's worse when flying low and can look very odd when flying over different couloured fields. I'm not sure if it's trying to be realistic but it doesn't look right when there are different coloured shapes dancing over the glass. I can get rid of this effect by using Kegetys VR shader mod and using the 'simplified canopy' option but this also makes it look like there isn't any glass in the frame. I think this may be a problem with other modules but it most noticeable with the
  2. I didn't think the above mods were possible for the Huey. Is it possible to have simulated troops sitting in the back of the Huey now?
  3. Just seen the latest pictures on Facebook. It looks amazing. Will it be ready for the patch on the 18th?
  4. I'm getting the same. How did you fix it?
  5. It looks like he made RAF versions but not with any camouflage.
  6. Really nice job. Thank you. Any chance of a British Army camo version?
  7. Many thanks. It looks like it's the kegetys shader mod causing it.
  8. Thanks for checking. I tested it again and it seems fine now. Maybe a conflict with another livery or something.
  9. Any ideas what is going on here? It seems the black textures glow at night and in low light conditions. The rotors look fine when stopped but as soon as they get up to speed they glow too.
  10. Sorry for the really old that resurrection. Did you ever get a chance to make an f14 version? The same theme but with f14s and the new supercarrier would be amazing.
  11. Nice mod tobi, thanks. What would be really great is to have a voice missile warning to try and simulate crew members calling out incoming missiles. Not sure if that is even possible.
  12. I reported this years ago. Nothing ever got done.:(
  13. Dave317

    Better Smoke

    Talking of clouds. Are you able to create a mod to stop them spinning? I can't see the new clouds coming anytime soon and it's really annoying in VR. I'm sure there would be hundreds of appreciative players even if it is only usable in SP.
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