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  1. DDIs seem dimmer to me. Last time I flew I could at least use them in bright daylight. Not so much now.
  2. Thanks for that document. Part of the problem is not enough speed and obviously not enough practice. I wasn't watching speed that closely but it seems I was trying to do them around 300-350K. I will try to follow the document more closely. Thanks again.
  3. Don't know if you were suggesting it is my old post, but it is not. Never the less, thanks for that video. Very cool. You obviously have better command of the Viper than I do. Thanks for the demo. Very nice! During the knife edge, did you depend on rudder at all, didn't seem to be much if any. Again, thanks for posting the video.
  4. I'm trying to fly the Thunderbird's solo routine in the F16 and I am really struggling keeping the nose up during high bank angle maneuvers. I keep losing altitude, gaining altitude, or crashing when performing: Slow rolls 4 or 8 point rolls knife edge pass max rate circles any turn with bank angles greater than 60 degrees. I try using the rudder to keep the nose up but I end up crashing or at best widely off my starting altitude. To keep from hitting the ground in a high speed circle turn I find myself reducing bank angle periodically and nosing back up and then increasing bank angl
  5. Fix it ED I'm thinking not a lot of people like this new option. I understand the just of it, but it is a horrible implementation. ED should either remove it or put an option in the menu to disable it. Just my opinion but I bet it is shared by others.
  6. Any Update Did you get the "Dead Zone" trigger working? I am trying to do the same thing.
  7. Seems silly to me. If ED is modeling a flight sim based on classified information then there is a much bigger issue going on. I'm guessing anything found on the internet is not classified material as it relates to the Hornet. If it is in the model, it is safe to talk about it.
  8. New to the targeting pod. I have the main ideas down and have read through Chucks guide and watched several videos on YouTube. I find that most of the videos rely on having a waypoint to designate as target and then the pod slews to that target. Are there other ways to get the pod pointed in the right direction? Or perhaps a better question might be how many ways are there to get the pod pointed into a general area? I totally suck at trying to do it freehand. Let's say you are patrolling an area and notice AA fire coming from your 2 o'clock position. How would you go about getting the targe
  9. Dynamic objects disappearing, static objects are fine. I noticed this as well. I placed a camera directly above objects and then moved up in elevation. I noticed that static objects are fine, I can move out until they turn into dots before they disappear. For dynamic objects like tank groups, They disappear somewhere around 1600 - 1700 feet above the object. Took me a while to figure this out, I thought I had lost my ability to see targets on the ground. Kept circling the targets and descending in altitude. Low and behold they started popping in around 1600 feet relative altitude.
  10. "Sure, they're cheaper, but they're also less effective. If a dumb bomb is only effective 5% of the time (it's rate in Vietnam)...." Is Vietnam a good benchmark? I don't know. Seems the jungle would make bombing pretty ineffective with either FF or guided bombs. How does that 5% in Nam compare to middle east FF bombing, do you know? And then Napalm, seems to me dropped in close quarters it would be pretty effective! Just curious.
  11. I am struggling choosing load outs from the high number of combinations. IRL who determines the load out for a mission? Does the pilot have input to that? I can see a pilot being in a situation in which he/she says, "Damn, I wish I had XYZ..." Also with all of the precision weapons available, does the Navy actually use dumb bombs anymore? If so why? So to my point. Do you have a favorite load out for the particular mission you are flying? If you could list a mission type here ie. CAP, CAS, SEAD, et el. and the load out you like to fly for that particular mission, I'd appreciate it. Re
  12. Yes I struggle with altitude combined with the ballooning. I will practice getting gear and flaps in in the crosswind turn. I've been getting gear down OK but not flaps until in the downwind. Then it is chasing the AOA and altitude all the way in. Thanks for all of the feedback. This thing has been a beast for me to learn to fly.
  13. I have Banklers mission. Don't do very well with it for the same reason. I have set up a ground based approach with a break complete with gates. I just have to practice more I guess. Question: Do you guys have your HOTAS throttle axis tune set linearly or have you applied a curve to it to give you finer granularity in the center? Right now mine is set up linearly. I may put a curve in it to help prevent over correction. Not sure what might cause in other flight configurations.
  14. I am using the Thrustmaster T16000M. I like it a lot. It seems to be pretty smooth with no slop. I have the pitch tuning set up as: Deadzone: 2 Sat X and Y: 100 Curvature: 21
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