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  1. I am trying to land the Su-25T, but each time I do, the nose wheel tire strips off. Apparently this guy had the same problem. Does anybody know what to do besides ask the ground crew to repair every time you land?
  2. I would like to see this map given its relevance to the current political situation. DCS already has Tigers, Mirages, Vipers, and Flankers. If Okinawa is included, the Eagles, Hornets, and Harriers might come into play as well.
  3. I set up a custom mission with 2 carriers, in which I fly the Sea Flanker. I am ask both of them for permission to land and am told by both that I am not authorized. Does anybody know what the reason for this would be?
  4. Would it be possible to implement an AI version of China's mainstay bomber? Also, it would be nice to see Taiwan as a map given the recent H-6 bomber flights there, as well as the area around Tibet after China's recent border skirmish with India.
  5. Some of the other DCS modules support force feedback joysticks with gun shake and stall warning stick shakers. Would it be possible for these features to be implemented on the Tiger? :joystick:
  6. The Tiger is very easy for a supersonic air-to-air fighter. If you want something easier, look into the L-39 (it is slow and simple and has two seats) or A-10 (the Flaming Cliffs A-10A is particularly easy because it does not have a clickable pit, and the bundled non-clickable F-15C, with its low wing loading and good slow-speed handling, is similarly easy to pick up although it is competitive in combat with any other DCS fighter except perhaps the >1,900mphMach 2.83/78,000ft ceiling MiG-25 and MiG-31, which are AI only and have lousy maneuverability and range).
  7. The Tiger does not support Force feedback joysticks with either gun shake or a stall warning stick shaker. Could these features be implemented?
  8. In Flaming Cliffs 2, the MiG-29 featured gun shake (stick vibration when firing the cannon); now, none of the planes have the feature. Now, the MiG-29 and Su-27 both have stick shakers when approaching a stall, but the A-10A and F-15C do not. Would it be possible to implement stick shakers and gun shake for all Flaming Cliffs 3 aircraft?
  9. Is there any plan in the future for the Huey to support multiple players per helicopter (i.e. 2 gunner players and 2 pilot players)?
  10. I just went through the guide. In the tutorial, you use the F-18, which has a virtual detent. I mainly fly the Flaming Cliffs 3 aircraft, especially the F-15C, which do not have this option. What should I do? :joystick:
  11. In the tutorial, you use the F-18, which has a virtual detent. I mainly fly the Flaming Cliffs 3 aircraft, especially the F-15C, which do not have this option. What should I do? :joystick:
  12. I would be happy to see this, the F-15C even without the clickable pit is my favorite module in DCS.
  13. "Dogfighting is a waste of time." -Erich Hartmann, 352 aerial victories (he used his superior eyesight and boom-and-zoom techniques (especially diving out of the sun) to defeat his mostly-Soviet enemies; every time one pulls G, energy (altitude and airspeed) is lost)
  14. I acquired a Thrustmaster Warthog several months ago, and it is an excellent product except for the fact that setting the throttle at the maximum non-afterburner detents produces a slightly different throttle value for each engine. How do I mitigate this?
  15. Taiwan flies the F-5E, which they equip with the AIM-120 and Sky Sword II (the latter has superior speed and range to the AIM-120; it would be nice to see a DCS rendition of it). https://militarywatchmagazine.com/article/taiwan-s-modernised-f-5es-pack-a-punch-with-indigenous-hypersonic-air-to-air-missiles-sky-sword-ii-can-engage-targets-at-mach-6 https://militarywatchmagazine.com/article/the-f-5-in-singaporean-and-taiwanese-service-modernising-a-second-generation-fighter-for-the-21st-century
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