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  1. What is the max speed for flaps open? I'm trying to use them in combat and I try and stay around 300kts to 200knts and I keep jamming them open....at what speed should I be retracting them?
  2. Just wondered if there would ever be a chance for ED to have a land based runway practice course you could set up. In training before going to the carrier, I'm guessing they have a land based system with FLOLS to practice your patterns, hight and speed targets etc? Just thought it would make a great addition.
  3. Is there a way to populate the carrier? and if you need to do it manually, are there assents that came with it? Thanks
  4. Just want to say that the F14 is the best module in DCS... and I wish there was MORE jester comments. I fly longer missions and I'd love the option to have him engage in small talk. It doesn't have to be all the time. Even talk about fuel, turbulence, distance from carrier... Great job Heatblur! Thanks for the attention to detail
  5. Just wondered if there will be a replay fix for the F14. Most other aircraft it works well including the F16. F18 used to be as bad but somehow they fixed it. Love to be able to review some flights with the F14
  6. Hey, I seem to be loosing STT lock about 95% of the time, head on merge, 25000ft... etc. Is this normal, anyone else have this problem?
  7. Trojan issues I've also logged on to the DCS forums and Bit defender is telling me that the forums are a suspicious site.... many times as I wanted to be sure. Opened a F-16 manual pdf and also got a suspicious bitdefender warning... Has DCS been compromised? All this was before the last patch..
  8. Strange trojan warning on latest patch Hey all, Just downloaded the last patch and Bit Defender came up with a generic trojan warning. I deleted the effected file and now DCS is telling me I have to reinstall. Anyone else getting this?.
  9. Just like to see how everyone is doing on the ata refueling? Cause I can't LOL Using the Thrustmaster t16000 HOTAS... stick throttle and pedals. I porpose way too much as I get close to the drogue ... any tips? I've been flying formation with the tanker but still get crazy as I get close... Cheers!
  10. Just wondered when the radar gun sight is due? Loving the Viper.. lights are great! Just need the radar gun reticle now! :thumbup: I'm at the funnel :doh:
  11. Just as the tile says, Need help with getting DCS to recognize TCWS throttle mini stick and also my Thrustmaster toe brakes. I use them to to move around F18 designator and equivalent with the f-16.{mini stick} Everything else works but not these for some reason. Thanks for the help.
  12. Thanks! I'll try it. I'm still quite new to the airframe so wasn't sure.
  13. Hey Guys, Just posting some strange behavior I've found in the flight model. We don't have the combat tweaked for the Viper so I'm learning its flight characteristics. I wanted to see what happens in different stall attitudes and one of the stalls was an over the top stall where the aircraft goes vertical until speed is lost and the aircraft is pulled rearward by gravity until I can get the nose down again (power off stall). What I've noticed is the Viper will go into a "flat" stall and will drop without being able to recover. I've tested this from around 30k ft and near 15000f
  14. https://video-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t42.4659-2/79405609_2874295699271068_3202195356674686976_n.mp4?_nc_cat=1&_nc_ohc=lVEBZ8UynCQAQnjXjEYMf7Kw3e9gUUvrzI-NY1BBwjAl8R_TdLKdFNisw&_nc_ht=video-sea1-1.xx&oh=88f444962b61fac71afd39891d0af537&oe=5DE8189A Just another day on the Carrier!
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