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  1. Adding to this that a zone placed over it will cause it to despawn.
  2. Our Lady of Lebanon looks to be hovering over the map. Even moreso if you have a zone placed over it...it despawns in the game. Deleting the zone does not replace the asset.
  3. Exact same mission and target as the first posted picture.
  4. Of course. It's a resolution issue, but it seems like no one else is bothered by it.
  5. Cannot find a previous report, this appeared to start a few updates ago when the TGP was modified. It is now very low resolution and seeing targets at night is next to impossible in WHT or BLK modes. Previous: Current:
  6. I have the same problem with everything spawning on top. (Running the demo mission included)
  7. Real Time Telemetry Not Compatible with the host exporter Running dedicated server...any help?
  8. Okay, so you noticed the Sidewinders being screwy too? I thought that was just me. I can see their challenges for sure with things as there really is no previous code to reference. What I have seen so far is the controls seem to porpoise when you release any pressure, the sidewinder problems, spongy suspension, lack of brake friction, damage model, landing with bombs on center will cause immediate explosion and people have complained about the external lights. Not going to be critical as for a first swipe, this thing is hellaciously fun. I've always loved the Scooter. Now I wish I could get
  9. Nice! I'm working on the damage model now...something about being able to take 6 SA-2's is not good :-) I just hope they take these fixes and ease their workload.If you wanna work together on a "community fix" of some of these things, I'd be happy to work with ya.
  10. Hello all, I was having some issues with the trim being too drastic and making it hard to get a perfectly level flight. Even so, this fix isn't perfect...but you can place this file in your DCS.openbeta\Mods\Aircraft\A-4E-C\Cockpit\Scripts\Systems directory to improve it. trim.lua
  11. Is there a shortcut key or something to get the gunsight/hud to mount? No matter what I load, it does not. I can get it from ME, but trying from the tarmac, I get nothing
  12. Is it possible to have AI perform the recovery of the downed pilot?
  13. Has the new version been released with a confirmation in initial that the script is working? I know I blow it on my downwind, but I'd still like to know as I've never heard a single voice...just getting scores.
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