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  1. TrackIR is not superior. I've tested TrackIR 4 and Free Track and noticed absolutely no difference in performance. And I use a webcam. Free Track performs very well, and you will not be disappointed.
  2. I just checked the mission editor out, and all the missions say 150kph. I don't think that is the problem.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I always trim the helicopter perfectly before hitting route mode. I get the speed of 250 kph stabilized, and my altitude stabilized. I also have it pointed at the waypoint before hitting route mode. Still my nose pitches up about 15 degrees and slows my chopper down to about 220kph before the nose settles down again and maintains that speed. My chopper also increases altitude due to the nose pitching up.
  4. Every now and then after activating route mode, my nose pitches up and I slow down. I try to maintain a speed of 250 kph but after I activate route mode, my chopper slows down to about 220kph. This has been plaguing me for a long time, and I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. Can anyone shed some light on this. Shouldn't the autopilot maintain the speed that I had before I activated Route mode?
  5. The F-18 is a popular fixed wing aircraft. I will be one of the first in line to grab that one. The F-16 has been over done and the F-15 is not multirole. The F/A-18c is a multirole, carrier based aircraft which will satisfy a lot more people.
  6. OMG, not another poll!!!! What is with all these useless polls. Eagle Dynamics will make whatever they make. Besides, I don't see the Apache on the list. Apache all the way!!
  7. You are absolutely right about the role of an attack chopper. It is not their job to fight each other. But, never the less, the ability has still been built into them in case they encroach on the others domain, and they can still fight each other. The ability is there. I have come across that situation many a time. I have had to defend myself on the servers many times from enemy choppers. And I gotta tell you, I love the feeling of taking the other guy out with my vikhr, especially if he had the jump on me. I would love it even more, if the other helicopter was an Apache. Knowing that I
  8. Thats what we said about the a-10 coming out after black shark. It should have been a western counterpart to the Black Shark before a fixed wing aircraft for disimilar combat. In the end, WWIII never happened. I am pretty confident that if an Eastern fighter does not come out next, WWIII still won't happen. Unfortunately, we are all at the mercy of what ED decides to do. And unfortunately they can't make all of us happy.;)
  9. AH-64 all the way! All though, I am excited that an F/A-18C might be in the works for the next module. I always dreamed of flying the CF-18 Hornet. I sure hope that an AH-64 will be slated following that.
  10. Just came across this bird strike video. Best bird strike video I have seen yet.:thumbup: And another one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gc-XiO4ojzk&feature=related
  11. Oh, I hope this is true.:worthy: Give us the hornet!!! You will have one happy customer here.:pilotfly:
  12. I came face to face with a bald Eagle once while flying a Bell-47. I was busy navigating when I looked up and not even 15 yards away, I saw a bald eagle flying straight at me. It looked like we both saw each other at the same time, because I saw the bald eagle do a double take. I quickly moved the cyclic to the left and at the same time, the bald eagle swerved to its left and dived. It all happened very fast and I barely dodged that one. I was only doing 60 MPH in the Bell-47 at the time however. I'm sure if I was doing 180 knots in an F-15, I would not even have seen the bird. You also have t
  13. The main bug I would like to see fixed is the use of NVG when using a multi monitor setup. The NVG resolution is all screwed up with multi monitor, making it unusable. Many people use multi monitors, so it would be nice to see this fixed. Another issue is the GUI for multi monitor. The resolution is all screwed up for that as well. Most of the buttons are off the screen, forcing people to have to modify the .lua files to move the buttons back on to the screen. Also in game messages appear stretched over multiple screens. If all this is fixed, and only if this is fixed, I will buy A-10c to s
  14. Way to go Isoul. I agree 100%. They seem to be favouring the A-10c in regards to patches and leaving us high and dry in the Shark. I will not buy A-10c until they continue to patch Black Shark and fix the issues. I use multimonitor, and the Multiplayer interface is all messed up since the last patch. Same with the NVG when using multimonitor. Once these issues are dealt with, along with patching Black Shark to A-10c, (like was promised when the DCS series first came out), I will buy A-10c to support DCS. +1 Isoul.
  15. First off I want to say how much this mod rocks. However, I did notice one little bug which isn't a huge issue, but I am sure it is easily fixable. I noticed that when the autopilot buttons are turned on, the lights turn off, and when the buttons are turned off, the lights are on. Not a big issue for me, but just FYI.:)
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