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  1. Looks really bad in 2d too at the moment, all what's described here pretty much. The MSAA went up to X8 before.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone, yeah like I said it even did it on FC2 on my old win7PC,usually always at the top of the tailslide or Cobra, just like on this Win10 system, but normal flying its generally ok and I think the shaker effect still works when it does it, I used to exit the game also, unplug, replug and restart DCS but today I just ejected and reselected the plane while still in the game server, and it worked again without exiting , don't think its power related as it does it on both my sticks, I tried it for 10mins on single player a minute ago and its fine, but earlier today online it was doing it every time,but yesterday was fine online,and I was really yanking on it too trying to stall the engines. Anyway thanks again pilots, S.
  3. Hello and thx for your time everyone, I know the Microsoft FFB2 is old but still a popular choice for DCS World but my FFB2 sometimes loses it centre spring and goes floppy, it happens mostly at the apex of a tailslide or when I pull the Cobra in the FC3 MiG29, I only fly multiplayer and have never flown any other plane so don't know about them or single player, I bought another FFB2 thinking the stick was faulty and the same thing happens,I don't think its my PC(win10),as it was doing the same thing when it was still FC2 on my old PC(win7). sometimes its ok like yesterday but some days like today its been doing it every time so I have to go back to the briefing screen every time to restart. Curious to know if anyone has has experienced this issue. Thanks again Sean.
  4. hi thx for the reply, yes updating to latest version has fixed it, all good thx again.
  5. hi everyone , I didn't know there was an F14 for DCS World but when I cycle through F2 mode on multiplayer(open beta I think) , the screenshots say they are F14s in the bottom left but what im seeing look like SU30s with corrupted/missing textures, Im not really bothered by it, just thought it might be a glitch worth mentioning : -
  6. I seen seagulls flying round by Anapa sea front
  7. When I changed to F3 view my flaps said 66% at one point ,and the number seemed to change depending on speed or loading but im not sure which, but it was under the flaps heading on the bottom panel in F3 view, I was messing around pressing shift+F a few times though so don't know if that did anything but at take off and landing yes it was 100% or nothing.
  8. no Im not mad my friend and im certainly not the only one here,infact someone else suggested it on this thread, and if I force the update I wont be able to join my favourite server anymore I don't think. Il just keep practising and il get there with it:thumbup:
  9. Maybe this would work if they changed the options:- Easy = Game mode Medium= SFM Hard= PFM (Ive never ever tried game mode,I think that's probably for playstation heads really , i.e arcade style )
  10. Obviously I've never flown a real MiG29 either but yeah they have basically killed it for me me now too,I can take off and land ok now so il stick with it , fc2/fc3 is/was the only sim ive played for years and I got on fine and enjoyed it but now after this update its way over the top imo, I only do aerobatics and formation flying ,but i mean try doing a tailslide now for example and you'll end up up facing the other way up side down at around 0 degrees pitch, the rudder is just obscene imo, I said it in a thread I started about how the slightest press of my ch pedals (ive had to put a 55% curve in to try and tame it)and it just tries to flip you over etc,how the hell a real pilot could use that is beyond me, knife edge is virtually impossible now im finding, its just all over the shop, the curvature of the y axis feels to me like its constantly changing at different speeds, I could go on but like another person said on this thread the option to go back to SFM please, it might not have been realistic and true to life enough for some but ive been into flying mig29 sims for about 15years(nova logic before this) and it was real enough for me in SFM, (lol my only real life flying experience so far is 2 hours in a Piper Cherokee) so yes, Thanks for a great sim ED but please can we have the option to go back to SFM ?
  11. I think it was written out some time ago now because only later versions(not sure which though) have that feature in real life I think, i'm sure someone will be able to clarify,
  12. thanks for all the info/replies , the hardest thing im finding is the way it tries to flip you over when the pedals return to center, it doesn't seem to matter how slow you are on the pedals either
  13. hi all,im sorry if this has already been covered, I've managed to tame it down a bit with a curvature of 45 but the rudder control just seems way too sensitive/overreactive since the PFM update , and it seems worse now since the latest patch, I'm on version and anything other than the slightest press of the rudder pedals(ch pro pedals), seems to make the aircraft want to flip over and it tries to flip even more violently as the rudder returns to the neutral position, surely this cant be right in its current state? Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. Yeah i,ve only attempted it once so far, it worked but I rotated too soon and ended up way too close to the ground on the way down,il get some practice in :thumbup:
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