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  1. In the same way as OP, AAA is not only the king of the deflection & erasing shooting it's also the "I mind a S... if anything of my side is between my gun and my prey". Explanation: at the end of my sortie I finished landing and once I reached the parking area I listened the Airfield AAA cannons working. I started to search in the sky so I spotted a very low incoming 109, mowing the trees, crossed the AF like a Mad Banzay Boy and made a break turn to left, at altitude ZERO. Dude.... all AF AAA focused on her. The nearest AAA to me started launching its potatoes at altitude zero and I could watch tracers passing inches away from my parked A/C but impacting a in Static B-17 and blowing up that grounded A/C. I can understand they can shoot thru trees (clouds also)due their synthetic nature, but friendly shooting? Shooting with zero pitch? Weird, also all the opposite to anything realistic. In AI FM some models are from an outter space (Deus ex machina) : 109 in GOD MODE can be amazing watching it performing donuts as flat as they can be considered a single line, and the wonder point is not thinking the 109 cannot perform that way is why the pilot inside never melts his brain after 2 very high G's pullings like a drone, also the unlimited tolerance to Jerk.... So basically training against AI is almost useless cause in low-mid skills it makes stupid mistakes neither a human noob makes, but on the other hand in ACE mode it's like it can perform like a bullet train on rails with 2 eyes all time lock on your nose (even if you're in its low 6 it can react to evade your aiming inputs!!!) and going 10 steps forward you in terms of draining your energy to the stall (DEEP BLUE vs. Kasparov in 1997). So the AI's in general might be overhauled.
  2. That is a really common mistake when you try to recreate a model from a Black & white old pictures (red & black got similar light spectrums). I'd decided to recreate this modeler's recreation with his "mistakes". I really like the red nose cone and red Squadron & unit code in same red tone over the bare metal background. Also rechecking my pictures I observed my own mistake: the font. I originally used one more "stenciled" than those shown in the original picture.
  3. I'm affraid not mine cause this one is still in my photoshop/GIMP oven so I got no idea if anyone had shared it anytime. I've never digged too much in contrasting the info but I'd found her pictures as Squadron 601, basically the only squadron that had naked bare metal beauties like this one. The level of detail in this DCS 3D model and template is astonishing: all bumps and details in the metal plates and rivets and how the curvy surfaces reflect the ambient light & shadows.... simply... "a visual state of ART". With the 2.7 devs have nailed the X in the pirates treasure map of hardware resources optimization.
  4. After several years of P-51D & Spit MK.IX with 100 octanes Merlin engines cohexisting with a late war brand new last 109, I think it's time to upgrade them to 150 octanes like most of them were in times Willy launched his last propeller toy.... or just downgrade the 109.... I mean... launching any Gustaf model cause the only way the Kurfurst could be challenging is being her opponent. This way 3D models need zero major tweak, at least on the mustang & spit side (only the Manifold/Boost in-cockpit gauge changes), and on the 109 you only have to do from scratch "some" parts of it cause her streamline didn't change radically from G models to K models (the 2 upper guns bundles in the nose, maybe a thinner wing in the G models and if you want to be "exquisite" the non retractable tail wheel in some G models). From the point of view of the mainstream, people are mostly interested in the clash between the two-three most famous/infamous fighters that change the tide of the war in ETOP (this opinion is based in the plane set we got nowadays in game) than in flying "underdogs"-"Rare" planes that mean from anything to nothing to most actual & potential pilots/customers and like it or not don't forget this is a bussiness for a few, at least for those who develop the sim , so for multiple reasons it's easier asking them for small changes in their short/mid term timelines but a great game changer for us from the second one of its implementation.
  5. "The multiple tail debries mistery " Disclaimer: this is just what you can see: an ingame screenshot. ZERO image editing or filter added.
  6. Due they were always full of fuel (it means heavy weighted most part of the mission) mustangs were not the best in terms of acceleration so the "little friends" flew always in altitudes over the bomber boxes and to keep their speed higher than the bombers and to avoid the overshooting the "heavies" they just fly zigzagging the formations below them. So once you reach your desired cruise altitude just set the RPM & manifold pressure in Max. RPM 2400 & Max. 35 Hg. Also this technique is good to keep a good Situational Awarness all time due you can check their 3-9 zone regularly checked also yours cause their rear gunners can shoot hostiles in your 3-9 zone. Keep always an eye on any red tracer shot from bombers: they give you a clue from the direction where boogies are. At the beginning of the Mustang implementation as the "standard Heavies Escort Fighter" Fighter squadrons break their escorting duties just to enter in evoluting fights with german decoy squadrons to separate Escort fighters and clear the path to the squadrons with the main goal of downing bombers. Due that, Fighter squadrons received the main orders of mantaining the escorting duties all way to Germany and from Germany to Home bases and always break any evoluting fight that goes lower than Angels 18 (18,000 feets).
  7. Tested layers in Growling Sidewinder server.... 100% properly working. 100% recommendable. My SA has been improved exponentially. Thanks again for sharing them Hobel... really appreciated.
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