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  1. Nice pic, we can do something together if u want, isearch to increase quality of his flir damocles, it s very blurry :( If u want, you can send me a mp ;)
  2. I begin a new texture for flir damocles and rafale, not skin, but real texture. Resolution 1024x1024, very old 00, i ll do bump map, spec map and normal texture of course. If u have different rafale pictures with high resolution (between 3000 and 5000x5000) i take it ;). It s for writing and now i need to know each screw (i ve my website but maybe not enough) I begin by the gear, easy, it s a gear michelin air X 790x275 R 15 U can see below origins and new texture (and here it s just x2, new body texture ll be x4 in 4k) https://ibb.co/ZGN5Fc9
  3. It ll not be easy to increase quality texture to CDG (no way to have a excellent quality) but many things can be do on rafale M. Surely new skin ll arrive :)
  4. i need some time, i ll send u a link soon
  5. U need to install with exactly with this path : C:\Users\Voltr(my name user)\Saved Games\DCS\MODS\aircraft If it s ok and still not work, i ll send you a special link with my own
  6. Look page 33 and 34, u have few links
  7. Actually i work on it, need to do some corection about noise, windows (no paint on it) and some writings. I finished this work 2 years ago on another game (i took my previously work)
  8. U need to create this path C:\Users\(your users)\Saved Games\DCS\MODS\aircraft Did u do it??
  9. With su-30mk, i found a way to not replace su-33 by su-30 with correct textures (a little problem of texture with jetblast on link Su-30MK) This mod work perfectly but just with su-33 avionics (i don't rename the plane) My process, just change edm and lods files with textures, i took from su-30sm and i import them in su-30MK
  10. Good job about texture of f14, don't need to do it, (i would to do it tonight but not necessary ^^) But careful, u lost many colours with your conversion, i invit u to use BC7 format or to use open4 ;)
  11. Personally i used OPEN4, if u have a rockstar game it s perfect ^^ (BC7 it s a very huge format, but it s a great format to keep colour) http://openiv.com/
  12. u can find here a texture without writing squadron for F14B to do a skin easily https://mega.nz/#!C9QhzQpJ!kjRxcIowH9tPD4CyapPDy2UvUu_4Ivq2FqF1pR-hsXQ But if u use it, don't forget to quote me :)
  13. If u want, i have this skin for loading menu
  14. for the indian skin, plz wait next week, actually i'm busy with a hard exam to become a metro driver
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