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  1. I like to have the most realistic environment for my missions. I love the way DCS deliver us maps with a strong geopolitical actuality : Crimea, Georgia, Gulf (Las Vegas cause I went there :smilewink:) With the great Syria map, I have problems to set-up coalitions : 1. pre-2011, or without ISIS crisis scenario Where the S-300 can shoot everything over meditarean sea. We need to set-up a third coalition for Israel that have his own enemies and ROE. The main issue for mission editing is to add non-sharing data between allies likes Nato/Blue - Israel This just an example that can app
  2. How do you do this ? You just create a mark and name it with a number in 30-39 ?
  3. We cannot add keyboard key for MFCDs OSB but only joystick button, And UFCP buttons and Fast Select Rocker Switch need binding also. Great job on this plane !!!
  4. I've also been killed in MP by my own AIM120C in Hornet. Tacview show me that the IR missille inbound (aim9) from a F14 hit the aim120 I've just launched.
  5. Try this Capt_Zeen Helios profiles
  6. This help a lot, thank you Is there any way to know if the targeting pod is in mode designated or not ?
  7. TOO Mode Switches to PP After Firing a JSOW After the last patch The switch to TOO mode is still present. Track - I store target 1 coodinates to PP1 and PP2 on station 2 - I store target 2 coodinates to PP3 on station 2 - I store target 3 coodinates to PP1 and PP2 on station 8 - I store target 4 coodinates to PP3 on station 8 - go back to PP1 on station 8 - fire the bomb - station 2 is selected with TOO mode - switch back to PP mode, old PP1 coordinates are now erased - use PP2 to fire on target 1 ... Same behavior if I use the step button
  8. Here is one track : TOO mode switch When you switch back to PP mode, the last TGP position erase PP1 preset. TOO mode is set when fire or use the step funcrion
  9. I'm using the Rippling by Grim Reapers. Since last update, when i use the step function to switch from station or release a bomb, it automaticaly switch to TOO mode. By the way, it erase PP1 stored coodinates with last coordinates from TGP Track: Tracks To avoid, I find I can use PP2, PP3 and other to not lost PP coordinates. But each drop, it switch to TOO mode, then I switch to PP mode, select PP2 or other.
  10. I've tried several time but each time the updater say me that version is up to date. Anyone has the same problem ?
  11. Unable to get the update for me. Anyone in the same case ?
  12. I've had the same issue mostly on left side, without JHMCS. Can't reproduce it exactly for me but its after a STT lock that failed when not using 140° scan.
  13. Many WIP to complete jdam, the angle of attack didn't work too
  14. It would be great to have also JHCMS HACQ/LACQ radar modes
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