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  1. Have you thought about HMS Ocean LPH and the Albion class LPD ships?
  2. Would Type 23 and Type 26 frigates be able to be added to the growing list?
  3. CVA-01 was a 1960s design for a new 4 ship class. The Type 82 DDG was designed and built to escort them.
  4. Would not-built carriers be considered? If so, why not CVA-01?
  5. I would say this bug is top priority!
  6. Note to self: Use Main Release, not Dev It works now I installed the Main release, not the Dev
  7. I fired up this mission, unarmed A-29 cold start. CTD as soon as the mission finished loading
  8. I am having a CTD when loading a mission with the A-29 in it, could it be installation error?
  9. This is awesomes! My only wish is that it gets proper ordnance so I can use it as a pseudo-Hawk but I can understand if it won't!
  10. How much of a kicking did you give yourself?
  11. Oh thank goodness, got worried for a bit! How is everything coming along anyways? Everything on track with the CATOBAR Hermes?
  12. Will the locked weapon Luas affect this mod?
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