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  1. This is a known bug since about half a year ago. This is ED's LOD issue and as far as I know they are trying to fix this. We just need to wait
  2. Holy shit Mig-23??? Yooooooo let's goooooooo XD
  3. Based on my tests, the AIM120 will go pitbull from 7 nmi from the target at Mach 2.48. The SD-10 will go pitbull from 9 nmi from target at Mach 3.5. I was maintaining the same altitude and Mach 1.0 speed, so based on this test, the SD-10 goes pitbull earlier than the AIM-120. Are they modeled based on time to react or distance from target? The Tacview files are attached. I am in the red and I started defending as soon as the RWR ringed. Update: Based on further tests, it seems like the AIM-120 and the SD-10 both have around 14-15 seconds time to react. Mi
  4. It seems like right now the BRM-1 is super ineffective against tanks such as the M-1. I need about 10 rockets to kill a tank now. Is it suppose to be like this or this is a bug? I remember several patches ago I only need 3 rockets at most to kill a tank.
  5. I had a same issue earlier, was shocked but it fixed itself later. Don't know why
  6. As title, is there a way to change the BRM-1 laser code? Tried to use ground crew to change it but it didn't work.
  7. The problem right now is I need to get within 2.3 nmi to hit the target reliably. Hope DEKA can address this add fix this problem soon.
  8. FYI, the rocket will not hit even fired from 2.5nmi at speed of M 0.6. The mechine gun on the tank can even fire at me at the time I am able to fire the rocket lol
  9. Based on the public information, the range on the BRM-1 rockets should be at around 8km, that's about 4 nmi. However, right now in game the "IN RANGE" que will only appear when the distance between me and the target is less than 2.5 nmi. Should the range be higher? Even the vikhr has a range higher than this (max range on vikhr is around 7.4km) and it's fired on a chopper which is standing still... Please take a look on this, thank you. Note: After I tried in single-player mode, it seems like this problem is only appearing in multi-player mode. After reading some previous posts, is this
  10. For F-18 you just push a button and you are allowed to pull 9G at Mach 1.3. For F-16 and M2000C there is no such limitation.
  11. I don't think datalink tracking is implemented on SD10. You still need to maintain TWS lock on target until the missile goes pitbull
  12. Why it's hard limited to 6G maximum when the speed is higher than Mach 0.85? The airframe should "feel" the same when pulling 9G at Mach 1 and pulling 9G at Mach 0.8. No matter under what speed, as long as the aircraft is experiencing the same gravitational acceleration, the stress applied on the airframe should be the same. Therefore, I don't think it's necessary to put a 6G limit when the speed is high. If anyone know why, please tell me. Also, it seems like the JF17 is the only aircraft that has this limitaion.
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