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  1. Unfortunately, it cannot be done. Always wanted to edit that info. The only work around is the one proposed by Khopa, but you will understand that it is a bit tedious to be precise with that.
  2. It seems like your profile is really close to mine. I do not mind a dogfight here and there, but I am a ground pounder in my heart. The A10 is a great choice for you, but if you feel that it is a bit slow, give a second chance to the F16. The F16 is fast, maneuverable and an awesome ground pounder while not being a full blown server room like the F18. I do enjoy flying the F16 ...a LOT. Briefly, for me, the F16 gives me everything I want from the bombing perspective, while giving me that feel of speed.
  3. Thanks for the answer toutenglisse ... I checked out and it does not seem to be the issue. But since we are at it, the last time I tested this, the DCS sound engine will not let you play 2 sounds one over the other. It is quite difficult to code something dynamically when a new sound will always kill the one currently playing. Example, you could not play a beep sound if you are already playing a background music. The beep will kill the currently played music. BUT you can play a sound and a radio call simultaneously. It seems that the engine has two channels for the modd
  4. Hi guys, I am using a lot of voiceovers in my mission. I mostly use two calls with MOOSE. 1. The soundfile to all local _soundFile = USERSOUND:New("mysound.ogg") _soundFile:ToAll() 2. The radio call _unitRadio:Broadcast() I do not have issues playing the sound at all. BUT, I do have a recurring issue where after few dozens sounds played, the sound that I call in my scripts will no longer play. Any of you guys experienced this? This bring me to two questsions: 1. Is it possible that DCS
  5. To add some info about the issue. The right gunner refused to fire, but I forgot to say that the left gunner was out of ammo. When a gunner is out of ammo, his ROE will automatically switch to "Hold Fire". I wonder if the gunner could have a bug where one gunner would use the ROE of the other.
  6. Hi guys, I am playing with the official release (not the beta one) and I noticed that the right door gunner does not open fire again. I remember that we had that bug in the past, but EA fixed it. But it came back. My left door gunner will shoot well, but the right one is on a union break. Are you guys aware of this? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, I am trying to do the following. When approaching a truck with my Huey, 8 soldiers are spawned closed to the truck. After some documentation reading, I think that it can be done with the ZONE_GROUP or ZONE_RADIUS but I was not able to figure it out. So briefly. Let's say I have on the map (in late activation) a soldier group named "soldier". I also have a M818 truck named "truck". How can I spawn the group "soldier" close to the M818 named "truck" ? Thanks guys
  8. Hi guys, I am playing around with Anubis C-130 as seen here. Quite a nice and fun aircraft! https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/252075-dcs-super-hercules-mod-by-anubis/ I would like to create a trigger to know when the troop were parachuted. Example: I fly the C-130 over a trigger zone, parachute the troops then a "MessageToAll" would display (over the fact that the troop just were parachuted, or first troop touch the ground.) Do you know oh which condition I could link? Thanks for any hints.
  9. Hi guys, I had a session with two friends of mine tonight and we did not stop having this issue. I never had this issue in Single Player. While approaching a convoy with a load of MK82 SnakeEyes (speed 450 knots, altitude 400 feet), 50% of the time, my F5 was exploding as soon as I was releasing the bomb. All of us got the issue. But it was working from time to to time. One of the player has a weak network with some latency issue ... could it be some kind of latency issue with the position of the bombs and the aircraft? Anyone ever got that issue? I have to say that it
  10. I just deployed paratroopers and noticed that they disappear on the ground. They are not showing on the map as soon as they touch the ground. Is there something I need to configure to have these soldiers appearing as seen in the GrimReapers video?
  11. Hi guys, also, would be nice to have an overview of the current status of the dynamic campaign development.
  12. The only reason why I would not like a P-38 is because I would no longer have a real life. Real P-38 fan boy here!!!
  13. I do have this issue from time to time. I tried to reproduce with specific steps to post here but was not able at this point to dress out the exact recipe that will create this. It seems to me that it will happen when you play a lot with the zoom within the cockpit ...but not always ... Indeed it was my issue, I realized it at some point! Thanks for pointing this out!
  14. Interesting report shake307. I agree with mostly everything you said here. Just one thing though ... but it could be an impression. Anyone did some testing about which chopper is the most sturdy one? I love the MI8, but I got shut down many times from soldiers small weapon firing. Maybe I was just unlucky, but I always had the impression that the Huey was way more sturdy (in DCS, I do not mean real life). Was I just unlucky? I would be interested to get the feel of other people on this.
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