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  1. Stutters on hits to the fuel tanks are fixed From the patch Notes, this should be smooth again ...
  2. I would say it's mainly fighting, it happened again in Mission 4, even when the bombers were far and I stayed with the attackers. It's not a contant FPS drop, it's more like bursts, but when it happens, it's like half a second frozen, but constant freezes ... like half a second stoped, hald a second at normal FPS, sometimes only some seconds, sometimes like half a minute. I would say a new bug on CPU in recent OB versions. I have an i7 9700K, 32GB DDR4 and RTX 2080 Super, playing with HP Reverb, no supersampling For the settings, can I export them to a file or something ?
  3. I think I'm having the same problem, I came here, read about wake turbulence, it was already disabled. I'm with DCS Open Beta
  4. What happened ? Their website is down, and they don't update social media since half a year ...
  5. Looks amazing !!!!! The team seems to be very talented, and they have a prototype with the final shape working. We have still to see if they can achieve mass production at that price, but I'm hyped !!!!! BTW, the wireless solution will be based on Wifi, so it will not be as good as the HTC adapters based on WIGIG. They say they see it mainly as a wired headset.
  6. Potentially yes, for people with NVIDIA cards 10XX and newer. In theory it doesn't depends on the API used by the game. In another flight sim some people have reported better framerate and more stable. Edit: I have tryed, and I have a similar framerate, but with HAGS enabled I have some weird stuttering
  7. Yes !!! just with bigger sweet spot it will be awesome for DCS !!!!! Shit, I boughy a G1 2 months ago :(
  8. Part of WMR is embeded onto Windows 10, so even if you don't have the WMR Portal runing, there is something running there. Like with Oculus, that you have a service allways in the background even if the Home is closed.
  9. It's not that easy, when you loosen the straps, it can harm you more in the nose ... it depends on your face. Some people may need to do some mods to be confortable.
  10. Some eye strain in actual VR is inevitable, no software can fix it, because the focus distance of HMDs is fixed, and we have the vergence/acomodation conflict. https://xinreality.com/wiki/Vergence-Accommodation_Conflict So I don't know what this "cross eye alignement tool" is, but having eye strain doesn't mean it's not working. I have 33 and 30, I use 63 everywhere, and never had any problem. I have used PSVR, Rift CV1,GO, Quest and Reverb. I'm trying to understand what this "cross eye alignement" is, but I don't understand it. In case IPD should be splited in 2 fields, th
  11. You are a genious, thanks !!!!! Reverb will stop torturing my nose !!!!
  12. In the F-18 I see the HUD ultra sharp, miles ahead compared to my CV1, but in the A-10C the HUD is not very sharp, almost the same than with CV1 ... is this an A-10C thing, very limited resolution on the HUD ? Or is something in the setting ?
  13. It would be nice to have more missions in the style of "Race Bull Air race", and having a score of how well you perferomed the race :) The plane is awesome, I have never enjoyed so much just flying !!!!
  14. Thanks so much, I have made a search of that 37T/38T, and it seems to be that, because people also say it's 800 miles away, I'm gonna try :) Edit: It was that, by default was 38T and iI had to put 37T. How can I know in advance what to set ? Edit: Ok, I found it: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sistema_de_coordenadas_universal_transversal_de_Mercator#/media/Archivo:LA2-Europe-UTM-zones.png
  15. I can't find the column in georgia medium mission. JTAC says GH432010, and when I enter that to the CDU, GH 43200 01000 points really far far away. Am i doing something wrong or the coordinates are bad ?
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