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  1. Did you get any offers? I realise this is an oldish post. If not, try: http://www.rafairuk-dcs.co.uk They have an active Tomcat Sqn with some great chaps.
  2. Is this going to be fixed in the next patch? Its beyond irritating to be giving out a target indication or listening to information on the radio and suddenly Jester McShouty suddenly starts yelling in my ears about something random.
  3. Has your human RIO selected the missile stations?
  4. And how exactly, does one just "jump in the backseat" in a multiplayer server? I know that was a thing in the real jet, but I can't imagine anybody finding that a useful feature to model without some way of a lone pilot using jester, in a multiplayer server being able to fix it. Furthermore, after hundreds of carrier launches in this fine bird, this issue has only reared its head in the last couple of weeks. Working as intended my arse.
  5. Working for one of the major contributors to the real jet and having flown the simulator of it, I am incredibly excited about getting this module. Massive thanks Truegrit team!
  6. If the changes that have caused this bug to occur are related to the Supercarrier, does that not ring alarm bells that we have been mugged for some spare change again and that the Supercarrier will, in fact, not work on release? I could not hook up on CAT1 last night after trapping, no matter what I did, CAT3 fired me into the air and bust my nose gear and when I went to CAT2 after my wingman launched, I blacked out on launch. This, quite simply, sucks balls!
  7. I'd be surprised if anybody ruled out membership based on that mate! What are you after, which aircraft, what timezone etc.
  8. European recruiting temporarily closed due to large numbers. We will open it again once we have slots available.
  9. Have a look at https://vcaw1.com Although the Wing is US based, we have a UK/EU element and regular training flights, complete with a UK and German instructors available.
  10. and 1 in the UK/EU timezone, in particular, those who wish to fly the Tomcat, but Hornet trainees also welcome.
  11. I don't know what it is about refuelling this beast for me. I can get on the basket straight away in the hornet and I am quite able to do it with the tomcat too once it is trimmed out right, but when I am on the basket in the hornet, I can almost do a complete roll and still be connected to the basket, in the tomcat however, I deviate from straight and level by 1ft and the basket disconnects, it's infuriating!
  12. Ignore me, helps if I open all the layers! Doh!
  13. How do we paint the crew names on the other side? I only seem to have a texture for one side!
  14. Recruiting is still open for F14 pilots and RIOs, especially looking for UK/EU English speaking candidates. All standards welcome, new to the F14, no problem, we can train you. Weekly missions, training flights and pick ups available most nights. 3 dedicated servers and our own TS and Discord if you prefer, as well as an SRS server.
  15. If you identify your target and realise it is higher than you, rather than fight with a drop in thrust to get higher than him, drop lower, look up at him and select P-STT, he aint notching that so easily ;)
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