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  1. Should the ID's be working in the campaign? They don't seem to be for me.
  2. I'm not seeing this in my campaign options for the A-10C II. I see it as available for the previous A-10 though. Do I need to do something to be able to play it with the Tank Killer?
  3. Its all good. Was just trying to find them online so that I could read them while at work. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Is the mission documentation available for download anyplace other than the ED folder? Is it available online anyplace? Thanks.
  5. Hi Havy! Still looking for A-10 pilots?
  6. I'd like to assign DMPI's to individual members of a flight. Is this possible in CombatFlite? If so, how is it done? Havent been able to do it so far.
  7. Hi Bunyap, Nice work. I flew just Mission 1 and really enjoyed it. The briefings and presentations were great, the only thing missing was a mission data card. Is it possible to get a mission data card put into the kneeboard with the other documents? KelGun
  8. Hello, I have an issue with using Discord voice while some other apps such as DCS Liberation or SRS are showing on the screen. With the apps showing on the screen, I cant transmit on Discord voice channels. If I move the app to the background (minimize), Discord voice works. I can have some apps, such as a web browser or document open, and can transmit. I imagine that this is a Discord setting, but have no clue what it may be. Thanks in advance!
  9. Does anyone else have an issue with importing missions with the A-10C II? The aircraft and routing dont import into Combatflite. All other aircraft in the mission do.
  10. Hello all. Recently started having an odd issue with the DED panel. When I hot start in the aircraft, the DED panel is blank. When I depress COM 1, COM 2, and IFF, the display shows for those respective modes. When I select LIST, it stays blank. It works normally when I start the aircraft from cold and dark. Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks in advance!
  11. Transit time to the southeast US looks to be around 13 days. Order # 4059 placed on May 26 Item shipped on 2 July Entered into the US Postal System in Miami on 12 July Out for delivery to me in Alabama on 15 July 13 days to cross the pond, clear customs, and find my mailbox isn't too bad!
  12. Hello all. I'm relatively new to using the mission editor and am having an issue with an AI SEAD flight. I have a heavily defended area with several SAM groups. I want an AI flight to skirt around one of the SAM groups, and attack another close to a target area that I want to work. I've set the AI SEAD flight to engage my specific SAM group, but the AI flight just goes where it wants and attacks the other SAM groups that I don't want it to attack. Anyone have suggestions for focusing the AI flight on that group?
  13. Would explain why the update screwed up seemingly unrelated systems.
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