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  1. I figured it out for some reason nothing works on com 2 I had to input the frequency on com 1. Dont know if this is a bug or not.
  2. Any luck, I cant seem to get my radios to work in any training mission, quick chat or through normal setup.
  3. no brakes are applied, no issue rolling just picking up speed is all, like i said earlier full afterburner is showing just no speed over 150 kts
  4. I dont get it, it shows the plane with full afterburner yet it moves like a pile of bricks is sitting on it. By the way there is no payload attached and it moves like a slug I can only get it upto about 150 kts to take off but not much more.
  5. Everything is correct double checked and verified, I dont get it. even after resetting all controls to default I still get this issue. It doesn't happen with any other aircraft. Do I need to uninstall the f18 then reinstall. is that even possible to do
  6. No matter what i use (hotas throttle, or keypad) my throttle at full doesn't make the plane move fast. It shows clearly that my throttle is maxed out in the cockpit view but the speed climbs very slowly as if I dont have the throttle on at all. am I doing something wrong or is my configs wrong, i didnt have an issue with this until recently.
  7. Just because you dont have an interest in the aircraft doesn't mean others do not. From a "barney" as in break it down barney style for the slow ones, yea they fly around for hours but I mean com'on I have yet to see a boring online session that was actually meant for something. Plus, you could say the same thing about a bunch of other aircraft that just fly around. Most active aircraft just "fly around" unless in a deployment. Others have expressed interest and so do I.
  8. I wanted to disconnect and maneuver else where on the carrier, also I have been experiencing that if I am in the wrong spot when AI are landing then I get ran into or AI runs into AI.
  9. ill give it another try later, but Im pretty sure I tried with no success
  10. For the longest time I was trying to figure out how to unhook from the catapult after attaching to it. I wanted to abort take off and there seems to be no function after aborting with the ATC to disconnect even after trying to raise the launch bar. Does anyone have any suggestions or is it one of those things you just gotta take off to correct?
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