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  1. Huilque151


    PLease ED° we need FCLP !!
  2. Hello guys, did any one put FCLP BOX on a inclined runway as Incirlik AFB syria map. ??? Just like yu guyys can see, the box sink under the runway.
  3. Hola, Actualmente vuelan: F/A-18C, F-5, F-16, F-14, UH, SU25, HARRIER y A-10. vuelan de todos.
  4. Hello friends of ED, I wanted to ask if within the plans of the SC it is considered to be able to add new SPAWN points or the alternative of locating aircraft anywhere on the supercarrier deck. Why being able to locate aircraft anywhere on the deck? Currently, the supercarrier allows 20 aircraft to be spawned simultaneously but under very special conditions that are rarely achieved in multiplayer events where about 20 players on board. Our community currently solves this situation by asking players to move to areas where they do not interfere with someone else's Spawn so we do a "stack the deck". But adding more spawn alternatives or being able to place planes anywhere on the deck would largely solve this problem. "that spawning on the track or on the rail of a catapult is not a problem if it is planned to be so". On the other hand, an event could contemplate the launch of up to 20 aircraft, which today ED contemplates, we can spawn 20 aircraft but as I mentioned only in very particular situations and 4 aircraft automatically spawn on a catapult, which is not realistic. I thank you very much for all the work in the SC and I only send this message to try to contribute with feedback from squads that try to represent cyclical operations or that operate SC with multiple players at the same time and need attention on this particular topic. Greetings.
  5. COMUNIDAD DCS CHILE. La comunidad de DCS Chile, nació con el objetivo de reunir pilotos amantes de la simulación de combate, vuelo acrobático e instrucción de vuelo. Hoy la comunidad posee 80 miembros y continua reuniendo pilotos, no solo chilenos, si no pilotos de otros países de habla hispana con los que compartimos esta pasión. La comunidad realiza 1 o 2 veces por mes, misiones de combate altamente realistas, basadas en formatos y protocolos internacionales, lo que crea, un ambiente de alta fidelidad, el cual es un desafío para los pilotos y escuadrones pero en un proceso fácil de aprender y divertido para todos. Los invitamos a unirse a nuestro canal y conocer los eventos que realizamos! Discord: https://discord.gg/PGw6A7ANpv Misiones BLACKWATER:
  6. hello, The process doesnt work! Thanks anyway. the ALERT line in the LOG still be the same problem.
  7. okey, Thanks, i will try that process. Thanks!
  8. Ensure windows and any drivers are up to date. Today i update the windows, the problem its was resolved por a few minutes, but when i start to edit and record missions in the ME, the dcs crash and when i restart, the 10% FREZZ PROBLEM come back. make sure any unofficial mods are removed ( if any ) i removed the mod file. run a cleanup and repair, or if steam verify your install ( i did) Rename your dcs / dcs.openbeta folder in saved games ( keep it as a backup ) release C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS or beta C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta did, but with out good new, the ALERT problem in the log its active.
  9. Hello, I need help please, My DCS freeze when its in 10% LOAD. This problem begin when i was working on a missión in the Mission editor and then crash. a few hours later i update de windows and the problem was resolved, but today i start to edit a mission and myt dcs crash again and back to the 10% frezze problem. I Already try: Run de DCS Repáir. Everithing looks right. Delete de Missión editor file on program files/eagle dynamics/mission editor and run the dcs repair, the app downloaded the ME file again but didnt work. Rename the "dcs.openbeta" file to "temp" in saved games file. Delete "dcs.openbeta" file in the saved games file. Delete missión editor file in the saved games file. Delete MODS. Delete the mission file edited. Firewall and antivirus permission to DCS. PLis help, regards!
  10. Hi guys!!! keep strongs guys!! thanks for all the work!! any news? some super carrier picture?? regardss and thans again!
  11. Hola a todos. Los invitamos a unirse al canal de discord "DCS CHILE". El canal tiene como objetivo poder crear una red para reunir y comunicar players Chilenos, así también, se útil como plataforma para realizar eventos cooperativos entre escuadrones y players. Hoy día el canal reúne a 3 escuadrones los cuales estamos compartiendo misiones cooperativas cada fin de semana. :lol::lol: saludos a todos! los esperamos. invitación: https://discord.gg/KaB4RD VFA-117 = WILKE.
  12. In this moment i can not. I will come back to my PC in a week and and will send the tracks to you guys. Thabnks again for the attention.
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