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  1. updater won't work for 2.7 I get message that it requires Windows 8.1 or higher I am currently running Windows 10.
  2. Glad but sorry to see someone in same age bracket getting the ole Google it Salute. I'm Looking for someone to fly F18 and maybe learn another aircraft with. I find I don't learn as fast as I use to but I still try to enjoy DCS.
  3. Hi All, Bought the WinWing Throttle and Stick setup and also Cubesim DDI mini Screens, Had help with the setup before got it to running but every time I had an DCS update or power failure I lost all my settings, I can't figure it out by myself this time so I am asking for help once again. I'm on the East coast time zone. everytime I open DCS I get half of the screen I deleted the Options.LUA file and the use to revert the screen back to its normal view but that no longer works
  4. Zeph

    Hi Horns Just though t I would stop in and say Hello,  see how the flying is going : )


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    2. Zeph


      I have found some get a Little carried away and start to believe that they are actually in the Military and that kind Of takes the fun out of it so I figure someone who likes learning new things but not gonna put me in time Out if I get something wrong or miss a step. ROFL 


    3. Horns


      Oh man, yeah, people have to be able to see the funny side when stuff goes sideways. I think some of those guys probably wear flight suits while they play and make their family members address them by rank

    4. Zeph


      ROFL they go to the extreme.  i just like the thought of trying to learn something I would never get a chance to do in the real.


  5. When will you be up and running? mrgunns@aol.com
  6. can you guy tell me if NVG is working in the F18 doing carrier landings but no goggles with RSHT RCTRL + H
  7. I notice the Carrier R/W lights are not coming on also is this going to be fixed? Been going on for quite a while now.
  8. Carrier No lights for Case III landings? Anybody know why the Carrier isn't lighting up for Case III landings at night?
  9. AGM84D When a new weapon is Put out why is there no training missions that you can practice and get proficient with the new weapon, I spend more time trying to fend off incoming bandits before I can ever release the weapon on most servers that is if they have a target for the said weapon.
  10. TDC Slew button Smokey Did anyone ever resolve the issue of the TDC cursor moving to the left after depressing locked target and then it loses lock?
  11. Could the shaders not be loading or something
  12. Hi Pet, I can't seem to tell if its working I don't see any way to change image
  13. Zeph

    Reshade 4.3

    the program finished running but I don't see a way to adjust the image or what my plane or ground elements look like as for as color.
  14. Zeph

    Reshade 4.3

    Hate to kick a dead horse... this program RESHADE 4.3.0 is giving me the Blues. I can't get it to work no matter what I do can a little fella get some help PLEASE!:megalol:
  15. Hi Guys/Girls, Has anyone used Reshade that can give me a hand setting it up. Can't seem to get it to work I'm flying DCS Open Beta latest version if that helps
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