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  1. Hi! I absolutely love this campaign, however in mission 2 I have some real trouble understanding the braa instructions from magic... The headings makes no sense at all... (Sorry Im not at the computer at the moment so cant give an sure example) but its something like "bandit 062 at 15".... Something like that... Excuse me for the bad phraselogy... I assume 062 in this case is the heading... But the bandit is nowhere near that heading... Am I misunderstanding something? Thank you all!
  2. Hi! I am trying to destroy a couple of silkworms that is heavily guarded by sams and what not so I dont want to get too close... I was trying to use the Harm missile but the silkworms never showed up on the harm-display... What other tips do you have to destroy these from as far distance as possible.?
  3. Oh, Im actually not! thank you for that note!
  4. Hi! I have a problem, Im trying to destroy stuff with the AGM-84E missile. It fires fine, gives me the datalink video fine... but I cant move the seeker... Im pressing the TDC all over the place but nothing happens. I have verified that the diamond is on the correct screen... Any tips?
  5. Hahah my wingman is an idiot! :) Thanks everyone for their replies... Good to know I havent missed anything... its just hard... :)
  6. Yeah hard to see though.. with cloud patches all over and all other chemtrails;)
  7. Hi! Im currently flying some campaigns with the hornet and have realized that its more or less a guessing game for me when the enemies have fired a IR missile towards me...with the radar guided missiles its no problem with the tone that tells you that a gift is incoming... is there anyway to realize when a IR missile has been fired... the visibility of these are simply not good enough so that I can see them... There got to be a way?... :) /Niklas
  8. Hi! Thanks for an awesome campaign! Tried the air to air tanker but the only one that was available was the shell one... With a hn was It KC 135 That the tanker is called? Its the one you cant use with the FA18... Am I doing something wrong? =) Also the stennis tcn doesnt seem to be correct 74X is never found... Thanks for the help! I installed the non mod one, that was juat downloaded yesterday
  9. Repsol2k: It is a multiplayer server, unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the server at the moment. (Im currently at work and can check the name as soon as I get home) The task is (as I have understood it anyway) that there are 3 different airfields that start as neutral, then your team has to land and stay on the ground for xx amount of seconds to assign it to the blue/red team. Then after that you defend it.
  10. Many thanks for all the replies! And thanks to Harker for that explanation!:)
  11. I did not know the sa page woth DL on gave info about SAM sites? Thats something i would have to look into=)
  12. Thanks for the tips, that leads to another question.. That is of course how to tell when they are gone... Since they dont show any sign of life until its too late... =)
  13. Hi, I have been in a multiplayer "catch the airfield" scenario but I have a little bit of a problem... Some of the airfields are guided by some sort of SAMs. The problem is that they dont lock into me until very very late in the approach, lile 200-300 feet radar altimeter. Which gives me absolute zero chance of evading since im landing and the speed is very low. I have been trying to find amd destroy the vehicles and radar stations around the field using my litening pod and some bombs... But apparently it has not been enough. And I have not spotted the sam sites... What are your tips
  14. Haha that can be useful, bonfires are something Id like to avoid=)
  15. Thanks, and yeah I can understand that its a learning curve as pretty much anything else. One more thing, Have you guys got any tips on things to occupy oneself with. I know DCS comes to shine the most in the multiplayer rooms but im not there just yet. (plus my living arrangements at the moment prevents me from voicechat). (perhaps there are non-chat rooms and such as well in MP? other than that, I have mainly been constructing some smaller bomb-raids in mission editor but that gets kind of "booring" after a while, I have completed the F/A 18 campaign that comes with the purchase. A
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