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  1. i turned OFF icing on the cake and my fogging issue is gone
  2. Playing on Growling.. and the server keeps crashing.... this update has some issues for sure
  3. I have to say that I prefer the rotating clouds better in 2.5. I too have the same problem. There washed out. Can you post your settings b/c I would like to see where I am going wrong . I'm on a rift s with a 2080ti Thanks in advance. Love to enjoy the new clouds
  4. Yes. I'm with you on this. I also find that the clouds are to bright.. like blooming.. but I can't turn the gama down anymore. I'm on an Rift S
  5. I have the rift s also NOT in steam. I can see in 2d also, but not vr. I saw a post earlier that someone else couldn't get it to work. is this typical for rift s?
  6. I would suggest you look at voice attack. It will allow you to say whatever you want (ie., gear down) once you have programmed the corresponding key stroke. It also comes prepackaged with a large amount of voice activated commands. https://voiceattack.com/ Use it all the time. If you want radar.. you don't say button r18.. you just say radar and it picks r18 in the background. Cheers
  7. I totally agree that the 120's seem worse for the 18 and previous posted comments. With other modules and the 120 I get quiet different results (When firing in similar conditions) On the bright side, glad to see others share the same opinion and we are having a civil conversation about it.
  8. I never seam to have much luck with the the tools. Perhaps I can get some help :) 1. Do you restart the OT tools every time you alter the settings, or is it live? 2 Do you shut down your oculus VR programs? 3 What order do you start them. Ie., OT tools, oculus main, and then DCS? Thanks
  9. I tried it.. I got this error.. Shader 'deferred/Resolvedepth.fx' failed to compile- HRESULT: Error_Path_Not_Found DX11 Renderer-Error. I must have screwed it up somehow.. Any suggestions?
  10. So I did a bit of fiddling around.... (Warthog HOTAS) If you move the TDC away from axis and move it to the castle switch (I use a modifier so I can use it more than once) then I have no more problems with it starting and stopping. However.. there the movement of the TDC is not as quick as it is on the axis. Can someone else try this out and let me know your results pls?
  11. Are you using any curves, deadzones etc. What are the settings?
  12. Wakeshift Can you share your setting for the TDC pls. My TDC is horrible with jumping I'm wondering if it is a joystick specific setting. I have the warthog. Thanks in advance
  13. Tried it.. didn't help for me :( Thanks though
  14. Yep. Same as others. TDC still not smooth.
  15. Tried the Mavs. Working on my end. Thank you
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