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  1. I had this problem after the latest update that was supposed to fix the control bindings issue. I checked it and there was something else bound to my trim button. Double check. I missed it 3 times.
  2. When you reset, did you put back any curves you may have setup on the Axis?
  3. Couple of possible bugs found Found a couple of issues that I am not sure are bugs, or operator problems. 1. Even though my default sound device is set to my headphones in windows, and I select them in the outputs, the connect/disconnect tones played when when it connects or disconnects to a server continue to come out of my speakers. 2. I set in the controls binds to control radio selection to a hat on my throttle. It worked great in the Huey, but I realized that this would clash with my settings in game for another module. So I went back in the controls and hit clear on all the sele
  4. Sounds like the Cargo hook view. Not sure what key disables it.
  5. Also, if you want to change modes, you must disengage the autopilot, change modes, then re-engage it. If you try with the autopilot engaged, it will disengage and will not change modes till you change it again, then re-engage.
  6. Thanks. I will give it a go tomorrow.
  7. This happens only in the KA. Once airborne, I cannot open the Comms menu no matter if it is by assigned key on the Joystick or by keyboard. This works on the ground and I am able to contact Crew and Airport with no problems. I have changed the defined key, restored it, and removed and tried another on the HOTAS. It shows no conflict and if I open the controls menu both on the ground and air, pressing the keybind or HOTAS button, it jumps to the right command so I know the game is detecting both. Any ideas?
  8. Neither is Team Speak but you have support for that. Non the less, I understand. Thanks
  9. Fair enough. Will just batch them in before opening this great utility.
  10. Found this just before the helicopter sale came up and its great since I am using the beta more than the stable version. Thanks. With the ability to launch external apps, can I suggest an addition that will allow us opentrack users to launch open track or a general specified apps at launch as well? I use Opentrack, ED Tracker Pro, and SRS and it would be great to have these open at launch, even if it was only one specific entry, I could have it run all the required apps from one Powershell or Command prompt file.
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