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  1. Good luck and if you ever want some company on the boat shoot me a message in the forum messenger!
  2. I'd say you should use VR zoom if you're having trouble seeing the ball. I use VR too and yes it is difficult a little further out, which is why you should be backing it up with the ILS on the HUD but the ball is the only way to consistently hit the 3 wire. As long as you're in the ball park, you'll start to be able to see the ball in close. I don't have the Super Carrier mod so I don't have the IFOLS icon popping up for me, I rely on the ball on the ship alone. Other than line up, my head stays cocked to the left of the canopy bell and doesn't come off the ball, with my periphery vaguely payi
  3. Ok, this is along the lines of my question. Sorry to all, I know the way I wrote it is messy. Sort of hard to convey. I am unfamiliar with the DX codes though. How do I assign that in DCS? From my research DX1 and 2 are the slew control button and MSU. I also understand that the Directx functions for controllers is there for instant plug and play without having to assign stuff. https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.p...e_TARGET_.html Your target code I understand, but how DX1-4 (I know it at least goes to 32) etc work I am unclear to. For example do I go into SRS and controls in DCS and jus
  4. Hey All, So I'm sort of new to using SRS within DCS in VR. I use a custom target script modified off of the Big LCZ F18 file. I'm confused as to how the PTT and Comm 1 and 2 functions work. I have not altered the Comm 1 "Ralt + " and Comm 2 "Rctrl+" in the script file. How do I get this to work? Is that what the Comm 1 modifier in SRS is for? Along with the Comm 2 modifier? As in for the modifier I put the Ralt and Rctrl and then "" for the applicable Comm 1 and 2 slots? What about PTT? Are the prior just for switching freqs back and forth and PTT once you've done that? I can't seem to make
  5. Hey Dragonslayer. Your speeds and altitudes for entering the stack are all significantly off. Do the training mission included with the module for a CASE 1 recovery to learn the proper numbers or study the NATOPS manual that is available all over the internet. As to your speed question. The throttle should never be in one spot. It is impossible to maintain on AOA without constantly jockeying the throttle back and forth. You shouldn't be paying any attention to speed because it is irrelevant for what we are trying to accomplish when landing on the carrier, AOA is all that matters. Speeds
  6. This isn't a real Hornet. It's is a flight simulator. Thats my point.
  7. Yah, I'd just make sure it wasn't that you armed the first one and forgot to arm the others.
  8. Crosswind in simulators I'm an FAA-certified instructor pilot in the US, and while I wasn't military (important obvious differences) and don't instruct much anymore, there are certainly some universal tips. In general, simulators are not very good at simulating what smaller aircraft will often do, even fighters are relatively light in the grand scheme, a wing low technique. In high crosswinds, a crab followed by reducing the crab in conjunction with upwind wing low would be the best technique. This being a simulator, like everyone else, I'd say crab only if you're having trouble but sidesli
  9. Hey All, I've seen some passing mentions about his but haven't been able to determine if this is it. I cannot engage HSEL or BARO altitude holds with the AP. I can engage Attitude and thats it. I usually can't get the ":" to engage and the aircraft does NOT respond to HDG changes even if it is. The autopilot does seem to be engaged though as it resists stick inputs. I've read that this can be overcome by implementing a dead zone? I've never had to do that in the past. Could my crappy barely calibrated rudder pedals that are constantly going out of sync (uncommanded rudder input) be causing
  10. Also, its a specific key bind. Look under the "user interface" section of the key bindings in adjust controls. It works pretty good.
  11. Black Flickering? I'm pissed at myself for doing a firmware update via the Odyssey because now, with 1.0.9 Im dealing with constant black flickering in my HMD. Has anybody else had this happen? Is there a way to downgrade? I KNEW I shouldn' have bothered changing anything and now I'm stuck with a barely usable rig. 1.0.7 was fine, now, utter crap.
  12. HSI Data missing Same issue. Very annoying. Bearing, Distance, and the carat no longer showing. Is anyone at Eagle seeing this? I had the previous version of DCS World Stable, it was whatever version came got replaced less than a week or so ago. Now I'm on (Open Beta) and this bug has arrived. Can't imagine its a difficult fix.
  13. Same exact issue Having the same problem. Very frustrating. Anybody know whats up with this?
  14. Paddles Contact Just Curious Jar, is the Paddles contact sound gone now? I confess I didn't look through every forum post in this thread. Is there a way to get that sound back? All I get is the "abeam Hornet hook down gear down". I looked through the mission in the editor and didn't see any sound files other than 3/4, roger ball, and obviously the abeam call. No "In close" like Ive seen on your YouTube trap videos. Great stuff and man, you really do not realize how close in you have to turn until you trap with this mission. All the thanks in the world!
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