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  1. I am having the same issue was 10nm from an SA11 at around 20k and no radar.
  2. I'm stuck on the mission after Show of Force. When I go into Mission Planner I see no Trigger Zones to change the name for what the assigned mission will take ie. CAP, or SEAD est. Any case, how do I get the Trigger Zones to show on the briefing map?
  3. I'm on mission #2 and when I go into the mission planner there are no Target Zones shown around the different flights, so I have no way of assigning missions to them. What do I need to do in order to get the Target Zones around the flights?
  4. Wow good call never dreamed that TrackIR would be the cause. Okay, so I looked at the TrackIR Center properties that I have set to the F1 key and turned off Toggle and Trap. That fixed this issue thanks for the help...
  5. At the moment I'm only using Windows Defender, and it has asked prior if I wanted to allow DCS access, which I agreed too. I did check the fire wall setting and DCS.exe was listed under Inbound Rules. I also tried running as administrator with no joy!
  6. I have a new computer that I just installed the latest DCS World 2.5 Open Beta with all the maps and models I own. For some reason on any mission I'll start in the cockpit, can use F1 to center the view to the front like normal but if I press any other view key like F2, and try to reenter the cockpit with F1 I'm unable stuck outside the jet. I've checked the license(s) and they look fine on EDs page. I also tried uninstalling one module and reinstalled it with the same bug. Anyone have a solution to this problem?
  7. When you open up the missions page at the top above all your models you should have one that says Missions. You need to place your downloaded mission files in this folder to see them under Missions (your file path location may very). D:\Eagle Dynamics\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions
  8. Same issue hear where I created a mission in the editor and assigned custom payload, which worked fine the first flight but if I go back and change the payload the DSMS doesn't pick up the new load even after reloading DSMS. I also used one of the default loadouts with no joy.
  9. Will it had nothing to do with NAV align, it was simple my fault. I have been flying the F-16 for the past month and forgot to raise my flaps after takeoff, which as expected will raise the nose when you drop below 250 kn. :pilotfly: Thanks for your guys input!
  10. The noise is in a constant climb it goes past 10 deg and keeps going if I don't correct until I stall.
  11. That's a good point that I will have to test out. I'm using the new stored align method but everything regarding heading, WPs, est.. all look fine.
  12. The first time I played mission 2 while I was slowing down to tanker speed my noise starts to clime if my speed drops just below 250 kn. Its almost like I'm stalling but I'm not, and when I try to trim the noise down it's game over I start isolating all over the place. It's not wake turbulence since I'm not getting the shuddering when you get in dirty air, and I have that feature turned off. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  13. While attempted to refuel on Raven One mission 2 the tanker is at 250 kn. If my airspeed drops below this speed the nose starts pitching up, which makes refueling impossible. If I switch to an another air start mission I do not experience this issues going as slow as 200 kn for testing. This seems to be a bug in this campaign.
  14. A-10C Auto Pilot Bug I'm having the same issue do you know when ED is coming out with the fix?
  15. I've figured out what the problem was, and it was not tanking or turning on TAC. For some reason when I created this flight in the designer there was random failures select to go off at different times, which I didn't set up myself. I know this because I never turn on failures, and it took me a few minutes to even figure out where they were located in the Mission Editor. Approximately half of the possible failures were selected with different times setup to trigger throughout the mission. Not sure if this is a Mission Designer bug or not. Odd situation but there I was! Thanks for you
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