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  1. There is no setting to override the spawn settings, instead you have to edit the mission itself as you have done. You mention that this does not work when you play it via the campaign - the only reason that would be the case is if you have edited a different mission file to the one that the campaign loads. You need to make sure you edit the mission file in your campaign folder and save it, don't save a copy or edit a different file.
  2. Can you add a triggered action for your F16s to switch waypoint? And use a trigger to switch to that (AI Push task) to switch that waypoint when you want.
  3. I have hit a bit of a roadblock on mission 4 as the fast attack boats are generally too small to pick up in either flir or nvg, and my wingman will not engage. This mission has me wondering why am I engaging invisible tiny targets with 500 pound bombs in a hornet (and not a gunship doing the job).
  4. That's cool. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just a different sort of challenge. Oh - for hidden units theres a tickbox in editor unit list to 'show all hidden units' or similar. So you can hide them for player, but show them for you as you edit.
  5. I played through the first two missions this weekend, had fun with it. thanks for sharing. I really like the briefings and setting, esp the link to real world events. Agreed with the comment above, would be good to have most enemy units hidden on the briefing map (and triggers etc too) so I don't 'spoil' it for myself by checking the flightplan. I do wonder about the volume of targets in these missions? e.g mission 1 has 10 ground targets (primary & secondary) and two air targets. Similar for mission 2. Quite a lot of work for a single flight, and maybe doesn't fit the 'real world
  6. Currently building it for the hornet. Pipe dream is that most missions I'll also make a 'bonus' version with another plane. Maybe a CAP in the f-14 or strike in the viper, CAS in an A10C or even F-14 if the Jester LANTIRN thing develops well. They'll be a bit anachronistic but a fun extra. Yes, you can have missions with a choice of plane and element. I've made a few here if you have Syria: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312020/ To be honest they are very fiddly to build, as it's trying to jam 3 missions into one, so I don't think I'd ever want to make a full c
  7. Hey, hope you're enjoying the playthrough. I think i will not be adding further missions to this campaign, but am still making some missions. You can find these in the user files section, there are a couple for the viper (but no ground attack...yet!) I am slowly pulling together a slightly more realistic and complex campaign. Once i get some more progress and hopefully some voice acting I will try to share more!
  8. I've added another (redfor) mission to the pack, and corrected some bugfixes - do let me know if you have any feedback!
  9. SYRIA SCENARIO PACK includes a series of single missions for the new Syria map. These missions span a range of countries, time periods and planes, and are broadly modelled on real world setpieces. - Sweep for fighters ahead of a strike package over the Golan heights in the Israeli F-15, or defend against that same strike in a Syrian MiG - Cover a border outpost against regime forces during Operation Inherent Resolve in the F/A-18. - Defend your SEAD flights over the Beqaa valley during Operation Mole Cricket 19 in the F-16. I plan to gradually expand these missions over time,
  10. Hi folks, a few updates to the campaign didn't make it into recent patches, not 100% sure when they'll make it in. If you are keen to get those updates earlier, you can download the missions here. Just overwrite your existing campaign files manually. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fa_2Mh-ZBWfEMGGQ9wZaZ-0CgA68up7i/view?usp=sharing Thanks and any issues let me know
  11. Hi folks I've run through the mission you've screenshotted above to check this. ATC responded to my request to startup straight away, and was silent after that - so sounds like a small DCS bug there I'm afraid - might be worth reporting in the supercarrier bugs forum? On the bright side, this shouldn't actually affect the mission itself! RIO radio - you need to make sure that the RIO has set the right comms before you can communicate using his radio. You can do that in the Jester menu. I suspect on this mission he sets to 131.000 because that's the freq for Batumi, the closest airbase
  12. There was a bug a few versions ago where the AI trying to land on the supercarrier during a CASE II led to a CTD. I'm not sure if this is what you're experiencing. Your best bet would be to post your log files to the bugs forum please.
  13. Hi guys, wonder if anyone has any ideas on a mission editor trigger question for the Mi-8. I am trying to put together a trigger in the mission editor that will trigger a flag when the player has switched the 863 radio to a specific frequency (either a preset, or manually through the dials). The intention is to fire a trigger when the player is on the right frequency, and to fire a different trigger if the player is on the wrong frequency. I've found the 'cockpit arguments' for the radio dials but through trial and error I cannot work out the logic in checking what frequency they are se
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