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  1. Same problem. Worked in the beginning of „The Enemy Within 3“ mission #5, but stopped working somewhere during the flight.
  2. It's a reported bug, having to do with INS alignment. See the Bugs section. Move the selector to NAV and the heading tape should move.
  3. Thanks FortunateSon! Really cool stuff once again coming from GrowlingSidewinder!
  4. Hello fellas! After frustratingly many losses against those mighty AIM-54s, what are your tactics to survive a 1-on-1 scenario?
  5. Strange... I tried mapping it to different buttons, neither worked. Well, life goes on... ;) Thank you TechRoss for taking the time!
  6. Chuck, please try to play with the alarm state option of the units in question. It seemed to work for me yesterday, however I didn‘t try multiple times. Cheerio
  7. Thanks Jared, works like a charm... except for the hook. Doesn‘t work at all. Anyone having the same? Cheers Roland
  8. I am having the same issue. SA-2 Site doesn‘t engage me. Doesn‘t even turn up its Fan Song. However other AI planes are getting attacked by it. ROE are set to free fire. Cheerio
  9. I'm fairly certain that it worked until a few days ago. Now I'm faced with not changing numbers when I alter the elevation. But today it seemed like the elevation still changes in the background, because depending on my manipulations, targets appeared and then faded again... Cheers
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