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  1. More like it should have been there, but whatever. I learned my lesson. Ill check back in another four months.
  2. Yes fix the readability hopefully by implementing brightness and contrast.
  3. Please say this is a priority. Ive completely given up with this sim until its fixed.
  4. They have addressed it. They just won't fix it because they view other things have greater priority.
  5. Im not saying this to be facetious, but instead of telling people to not buy EA products, why not just release them in a more complete state and utilize more closed testers? It might just save you and the people who can patiently wait from hearing all the whining about it not being complete.
  6. Voodoo_37

    Carrier ops

    Listen to "I Want To Take Off From a Carrier" by Dos Gringos for a laugh. Bout sums it up for me. NSFW. :D
  7. I mean, if you want to get it, go for it. You at least have the benefit of knowing what youre getting into.
  8. Its zoomed in and can be post proccessed.He probably can run on higher settings too in a pretty sterile environment for demonstration purposes.
  9. I would wait until they implement brightness and contrast options if you have vision problems but per the man himself, there is no timeline for that so you will be waiting a while. My vision is fine but it strains the hell out of my eyes.
  10. Ha! Don't make nineline turn this car around!
  11. May we have a timeline on this please?
  12. Thats your opinion and you're welcome to it. Just as Im welcome to mine and its certainly not unfair. Im glad you you can enjoy the jet in its current state and I wish you many hours of fun. To me theres no point to fly the 16 if I cant see whats on my MFDs clearly and we shouldnt need a mod to make it happen. Furthermore, I want to see the rings. Thats the problem. You can hardly see them. The white is dim and washed out compared to gagues and other cockpit items. E.D. is in no rush to fix it by implementing contrast and other functions, and thats fine. Im just in no rush to support them in t
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