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  1. I have a problem with arduino pro micro. I have destroyed many of them because the usb port on the arduino is very sensetive and brakes. Any solution how to avoid that?
  2. slowmover


    Unfortunately no! not even a reply. We still have to wait i guess!!!
  3. That would very good to have a better verzion of the Heuy
  4. +1 For NS430 for heuy. But does ED see this request???
  5. Hello mates. I want to learn how to use DCS-Bios.I did not knew that you can use a POT to give digital commands.So know i want to replace all my rotary encoders which i used them to my HEUY radios and put potensiometers. The question i have is this. I use Arduino Pro Micro with 9 analog axys.Is there any other board with more axys?
  6. Thanks for these mods. Hope to see more
  7. Impressive i am fallowing too. waiting to release instructions so i can build it too!!!
  8. Hello there. I have installed DCS-Bios on Hard Drive C and DCS open beta at Hard drive E. Dcs bios can not find DcsConnection. I post pictures above. I go to my --C:\Users\Admin\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts-- open Export.lua. and put manually the the following line to myExport.lua to enable the Virtual Cockpit Connection: But even with that does not work. Any idea what is wrong? Also when i go to the botton right corner of the screen to open DcsBios i can not open it.Is that normal?
  9. Quick question. If i want to remove MMJOy from arduino how can i do it?
  10. Heuy or Mi8 is your answer. Both are great but they are a lot different. If you like flying helicopter join with us here https://discord.gg/m9YG96BQ .
  11. I have a problem with arduino pro micro. The USB port is very sensitive and I have destroyed many arduino.I wonder if we can change that port? Like arduino uno which is bigger.
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