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  1. I may just be a noob/not noticed the feature, but I would like the ability to input my own waypoints on a map prior to takeoff. It would be nice to have several different map types available for sortie planning so we can plan ingress-egress through terrain, etc. Alongside the ability to do this, we should be able to share that plan with friends so we can all be on the same page, have the same waypoints and know what we're all doing. Cheers!
  2. Do you have an FAC command on your JTAC? Cheers!
  3. TWS or LTWS is, like most have been saying, important for single targets because it won't give the hard lock warning. It's also important because you can track multiple targets simultaneously to keep a clear picture of the combat environment. Nothing contributes as much to getting shot down as only being able to track one contact as you approach BVR. It's also pretty easy to forget that everybody else can lock you up without the hard lock warning and fire at you... Cheers!
  4. Hey Everyone! I'm running into some issues with how to use the Mavericks, and the JTAC system in general. I know how to run comms with the JTAC (either infantry or drone) and the setup procedure for hitting the target - my issue is that the JTAC is lasing random spots without targets and when I fire a Maverick at the designated spot, I'm obviously hitting nothing. Occasionally the JTAC will actually lase a real target and I'll destroy it, but most of the time I'm hitting random spots in the middle of a field. My second issue is with using more than one missile - the first one works
  5. I agree it could be a bit brighter - other than that, it's absolutely amazing! If you're having issues with everything feeling 'too big' try setting your IPD to around 63 or higher in the force settings for VR and you should notice everything fitting a little better! Cheers!
  6. AFAIK you have to manually change the programs to match the one you wish to be the number 1 and number 5 programs so if you want number 3 for number 1, just match 1 to 3. Unfortunately I don't remember the buttons to press off the top of my head. Cheers!
  7. You have to set up in the MFD which program is in slot 1 and 5, I believe. It's been a while - I like to use the manual mode. Cheers!
  8. TM Warthog will go to full afterburner when the thrust levers are full-forward. If you want, you can take the allen key it came with and turn the piece between the throttles around and have an AB detent built into your hardware. Look at the text alongside the modeled thrust levers and you'll see a 'Mil' indicator and a 'Max' indicator. Generally, 'Mil' is right before AB engages. Cheers!
  9. Good to hear! The hornet is a really cool bird! :) Cheers!
  10. Hey! Look into moving the throttle from the idle/cutoff position - it starts with the throttles in the idle/cutoff position and it's a pain to get them out. I started just using the autostart feature because of that... Cheers!
  11. I researched the size of the wingspan and the diameter of a couple of the missiles and then messed with the scaling until those sizes 'felt' right. It also happened that when I got the size to 'feel' right, I could read all the cockpit text as well! Cheers!
  12. Just because it isn't 'standard practice' doesn't mean it's not used. Watch the Red Bull Air Race pilots on standing start races - they do it. In other combat sims that have ground effect modeled, I used to use GE to get some distance when I was being chased by a less skilled opponent in the same model aircraft. Cheers!
  13. I think that there are certain aspects of the physics involved in flight that just need to be right in order to call something 'done' in the case of a simulated aircraft. Ground effect is one of those things. When you get close to the ground in a real plane, you start riding a 'cushion' of air that does the exact opposite of the 'pull you in' thing that we experience now. Also, a skilled aviator knows to sit in ground effect while building airspeed... Cheers!
  14. Cool! Is that ratio changer something that would be present on the '18 we have in DCS? Cheers!
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