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  1. Hello So in this attached picture you see the different codes for different radar types. My question is, how i find out what code is used for for example the EWR1L13, it shares the same RWR Symbol as the EWR55G6. But how do I find out which is which, they have the same RWR Code but a different HARM Code. Thanks
  2. same to me, since last update it crashes to desktop without any message?
  3. @Dudikoff I asked them if they resolved this problem, and they said yes. So it shouldn't happen again. Thanks!
  4. They answered me again... and I accepted this solution. I got a new grip with a discount prize. I'm happy with that! Thanks
  5. @Dudikoff No, glue doesn't work. And I used the Recce Switch quite often, and If it's broken, it's broken. I wan't all fully functional grip for that price, and Winwing has to deliver that.
  6. @Simm0 Don't know who that should be :(. @PJPower05 I'm sorry to hear that, I let you know if the answer in future, so you can rethink purchasing. Thanks
  7. Hello So my Winwing stick broke twice within a year, and I wrote Support because of warranty. They asked me, if i can repair it by myself with spare parts from them. I answered no. Then they suddenly stopped answering my mails. Last time I got a new stick, but had to destroy the old one, and send them pictures from the destroyed one. Bad thing is, the new one broke exactly the same way as the one before (Recce Button fell off, and cannot be put on back again). And the only acceptable solution for me is replace it with a new one. I cannot repair it by myself. I haven't got the tools nor the knowledge to do so... So what should I do know? Last reply from them was nearly 2 weeks ago... Thanks
  8. I doubt that this is "more realistic". Realisticly it looks like on this picture, and not just a unicolor surface with no texture.
  9. Hello So as the title says, while flying today on a multiplayer server, i noticed that the water just is a unicolor surface with no texture. Just bloom very high. Someone else noticed? Btw. I was flying about 6000 feet above the sea. And I am using VR. regards
  10. Thanks for helping! Yes it's the same as happened to me. If I heared that correctly, you only have to wait for the target to come closer, to "burn" trough his jamming while holding a STT Lock? Is this correct? Thanks
  11. Hello After I wanted to lock a target with RWS, the range shows 99.9 nm altought it is closer. On the radar screen on the DDI it shows "RDR ROT". I searched Chucks Guide and the manual, but couldn't find any explanation what this RDR Rot means. Can anybody help me? Thanks
  12. Hello So I flew today and I noticed that dispence countermeasures is not working. Before it was aft programm 1 and forward programm 5. Has anything changed in the controlls menu? And yes the button on HOTAS is working, I checked in the Software. Thanks
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