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  1. Unfortunately not, or I would have made the mission time persistent as well. The only way around it is to make multiple copies of the mission and set the weather/time etc differently on each one.
  2. No idea about either of those problems, we don't get anything like that happen on the JDS servers.
  3. This is the main reason I won't be touching it. Might see what happens when the new weather stuff gets released ...
  4. If I was smart enough to understand the dynamic weather system I'd probably do that as well! Anyway yes 'go with God, be safe from evil'.
  5. Oops. Yes Hama has clearly been forgotten by accident. I'll add it to the list. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. Probably. Parking spots for planes aren't specified for the spawns (with the exception of AWACS/Tankers) on this mission yet as previously stated, because the map is not finished. Don't spawn everything at the same time to avoid for now.
  7. I have updated it to hopefully address the issue. If it works this will be the last update it gets.
  8. There isn't a way of saving/loading the game in the traditional sense. You can save certain information to file and have the mission load this information at mission start and adjust things on the fly but it's not really something that the simulation was meant to do, hence why you have to make changes to a core game file before even that is possible. At least for now. Who knows what will change in the future.
  9. 1. Sounds like the Su-24's did their job pretty well if you ask me. Players love to bomb runways and things to deny red airfields, this time the shoe is on the other foot 2. MGRS ... probably not. 3. AWACS, yes I had accidently moved it too close to red patrol engagement distances. This issue is corrected already and will be in the next version. 4. Try taking the weapons off the Huey if you are going to carry containers around, or alternatively, stop melting your engine. The containers are 250kg in weight. 5. Red CAP flights do not start in the air, the only red assets th
  10. Absolutely not going to happen. Has been asked before.
  11. I can change the axis messages over to English sure. As for your issue ... I have no idea about that one sorry, I don't get anything like what you've described in single player or on dedicated server. The only type of momentary pause I ever see if when new planes spawn into the mission, but when that happens it's milliseconds of pause when they spawn in, not a few seconds like what you have described. I had updates planned for Crystal Sea and Jupiter, however I am waiting on some ED fixes for some things before I can move forward with any of it.
  12. If I make a brand new mission and put any ship (not just WW2 stuff) in a port like what we have in our screenshots here, the boat either becomes invisible, or orients directly north. Please can we get this looked at and reported?
  13. No the status is checked every 5 minutes. It also has to perform other checks when a transport does land, but those are separate one-off checks. The main persistency function checks for the status every 5 minutes and updates the tables.
  14. Honestly I have no idea what is going on here. The script looks periodically at the current ownership of each airfield and records the status in the file. When the mission loads from this data, if the base was red it will spawn a red vehicle on it, if it was blue it will spawn a blue vehicle on it, if it's neutral it'll leave it alone. The ownership of the airfield is dependent on various things, such as if it is being contested by the opposite coalition within it's base perimeter, as well as what it was set to in the mission editor (red/blue/neutral). So some bases are red and will remain red
  15. A couple of updates ago most of the airbase names got changed in the Persian Gulf, that will have broken the script.
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