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  1. Hi, can we have the option to turn off reflections in the Mozzie please? I play in VR and the mozzie is by far the most taxing module in cockpit - I’ve tweaked settings etc to get 80fps in most of my modules, however the mozzie kills that stone dead and Im usually down around 40 fps - the only thing I can think that may help is an option to remove reflections if possible? cheers
  2. There are a few discussions on facebook pages for DCS etc with very good information and ww2 training videos on flak types, 88’s weren’t used for very low altitude aircraft - generally if it was below 3000 ft the 88’s were not able to be used as that was minimum fusing - plus those fuses were set manually by the loaders, again, good luck in keeping up with changing fusing correctly and accurately! then you have dedicated low altitude flak guns, 2.0 cm - various types, they used fusing for self destruct - so relied on direct shell hits to the enemy aircraft - typically fuses were set for up to 5.5 seconds, depending on round - it was not adjustable, so would explode either by hitting an aircraft or 5.5 seconds for example after being fired - so shouldn’t expect flak exploding around the aircraft at low altitude unless you fall into that 5.5 second zone - but that doesn't mean you are not being shot at! Plus not all rounds were tracered either. no computer aided aiming, purely manually aimed - so human guesswork. list of 2cm flak types and typical ammo types and fusing: https://military.wikia.org/wiki/2_cm_Flak_30/38/Flakvierling
  3. Not forgetting, speeds were attained with drop tanks! Should be a couple of mph faster again without.
  4. The trailing aerial wasn’t always fitted - bit hit and miss! apparently again it was an early war piece of equipment, however depending on which factory they were built at some were built with the boom but never had the antennae installed regardless. And they weren’t always installed on the FB’s - apparently it was more for the B and PR versions and some FB’s. I have a book floating around here somewhere, from 1943 FB’s (it gives exact frame number) were fitted with GEE from the factory, and any earlier FB’s were usually retrofitted with them - this would then have the whip antennae to replace the mast, the whip sometimes would exit the canopy, and not always installed where the mast was.
  5. The cockpit is the wrong colour, a thread in wishlist: it seems to be in US cockpit green not RAF cockpit green, the mosquito cockpit was the same colour as the spitfires, it’s far too dark a green at the moment in game.
  6. It’s not modelled, neither is the external antennae boom for it - so its useless, and wouldn’t have been fitted to this aircraft anyway, otherwise you would have the corresponding boom for it just behind the access door on external. At some stage, they just installed the antennae within the airframe and aircraft then had a whip antennae with the upgraded radios. We seem to have a franken mossie with equipment that shouldn’t be there or would have been replaced. in short, if the external antennae boom isn’t there by the access door, the winding gear wouldn’t be there either - so it should be removed. should have this on underside by access door: if that is not there, then no winding gear.
  7. valleyboy

    Drift sight

    Will the drift sight eventually be operationally modelled? there are arguments around the net as to whether it was also used as a bomb sight…. It’s modelled in the cockpit (directly in front of navigator above parachute holder) but not operational. but we also have the towed antennae winding handle in cockpit without the fuselage boom… so who knows?! would have been used to aid navigation, arguments as to whether as a bomb sight also….
  8. as Bozon pointed out, this Mozzie did 332 mph with wing tanks on at 6000ft - reading the doc, wing tanks only affected speed by about 8-10mph, but this mozzie was considered slow the only way I get above 300 is by a shallow dive, but I need to do a thorough test against the data - time is an issue, plus if the misses asks what I’m up to - I need to think of a good excuse! other test data available: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/mosquito/hx809.pdf reading the above, they conclude that HJ679 was not typical of type and was 15mph SLOWER than average mosquitos tested! And that’s taking into account external fuel tanks HX809 did 354mph at sea level…. and even faster at altitude but had the saxophone type exhausts fitted instead of multi stub. anyway, anyone care to try get 350mph at sea level without having to dive!
  9. Apply power slowly, If you firewall the throttles from the get go - thats a lot of torque to deal with! apply a bit of power, let the aircraft accelerate gently at first - holding same throttle, then once you see the speedo needle moving start applying more power. Do that a few times and you’ll get use to it.
  10. Not sure if it’s a problem, or still subject to tweaks on the FM etc. found the following document: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/mosquito/hj679-dh.pdf which is testing results of a Mosquito FB.VI with Merlin 25’s in 1943 - very specific details of the testing with engine boost, RPM’s etc given and attained speed on the air speed indicator. Also gives the aircraft weight. page 3 holds the juicy bits for speed attained by engine setting i cant get anywhere near these speeds unless i dive - might just be user error? but there is no mention of these speeds only attainable by diving - my impression is these are level flight speeds. though interesting to note some other info on website shows that aircraft were sent back to factory if they were deemed sluggish, as it was usually caused by drag - e.g. radiator shutter gap too large etc. Or ill fitting bomb bay doors. anyway, anyone else care to have a stab at matching these test results? cheers
  11. Hi, can we have the cockpit in its correct colour please? currently it appears to be painted in US cockpit green (dark green), whereas RAF cockpit green is much lighter. The cockpit should be the same colour as the ED Spitfire cockpit: https://www.airspacemag.com/photocontest/detail/civilian/de-havilland-mosquito-cockpit/
  12. Still having this problem in VR. No matter how many times I ‘fix’ it, next mission start it’s broken again... Jester menu is shifting to the left. Yes I replace the lua, delete it, repair etc. Problem still comes back. Is it related to vaicom pro at all? As realised that interacts with the specific lua, If I set lua to read only vaicom wont run. Anyway, anyone else still with wonky Jester?
  13. possibly V sync ? V sync needs to be turned on, and thats done through your graphics card settings, not through black shark settings... if you are using Track IR and move your head quickly you usualy end up with a distorted picture simular to how you described if V Sync is off.. turn it on, your FPS may drop slightly as it will lock your FPS to a multiple of your monitors refresh rate..
  14. On the runways at night there are two search beam trucks which illuminate the runway, when taxying and manouvering on the ground I can see that the lights are on as you can see the search light lamp on, but it is not illuminating the runway itself. When I take off, then the runway appears to be illuminated, but as soon as I land again, the illumination goes, but I can still see that the lamps are on. Im not sure if this may be down to a setting for the graphics, or is it a feature ? PC: AMD XP3200 1Gb RAM Windows XP SP3 XT1950 ATI Graphics card - AGP
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