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  1. Thanks Thinder... Looks like a good product. So would it be any problem socket wise if I went with two SAMSUNG V-NAND SSD 970 EVO Plus SSDs? One 2 TB SSD to hold DCS and other and then 1 256 MB SSD to hold the OS. Anything I would need to specify motherboard wise for sockets or would any good top of the line new motherboard have what I need?
  2. OK… new VR machine time and I am starting to think what to get for drives. Capacity is the first consideration and then types of SSD and vendor. My requirements for storage: - I use DCS and have nearly all modules (and will continue to get most new modules) - I use the “big” civilian flight sim (Premium Deluxe - and get a ton of add-ons) - I use the other WW2/WW1 flight sim and have all the modules (and will continue to get most modules) - Couple of VR racing sims - A scattering of others VR apps like Alyx (maybe 4-5 apps) - Speed of course is valued and price, wh
  3. Thanks kindly... I am off to try it!
  4. The following question concerns the lighting in DCS in VR, specifically during the daytime. I have had this issue for a long time and can't seem to get to a happy place. I am using the latest stable build of DCS and a Rift S. If I set the gamma to 1.0 the outside world looks great but the cockpits in general are too dark (some more so than others). As I start to increase the gamma value the cockpits start to lighten a bit but the outside world becomes bleached very quickly (very bright and washed out). I can not get the gamma much passed 1.3 without the world looking horrible (especially Syria
  5. I love the era... I love the plane... and I love that you are doing 4 versions. I wish you all the best in your continued development and look forward to the day I get to fly these.
  6. Thanks for the responses... speed-of-heat - Given that I am not overly knowledgeable in this area mind if I just try and clarify what you saying. I am assuming you mean the switch is just in the WMR configuration software that comes with the product. Does that mean that if I duplicate the sound to the desktop from the headset that after plugging in the G2 normally that I could just plug the 3.5mm input jack from the ButtKicker to the 3.5mm sound connector on my computer and the sound generated from my 1 sound card will go to both the G2 and the ButtKicker? Gruman - I will also look into Vo
  7. I am strongly interested in purchasing a G2 but one problem has me stumped. I currently use a Rift S with DCS... and I also have a Buttkicker attached to my cockpit. The Rift S has a 3.5mm jack input so I plug a 3.5mm cable into it with a splitter. I plug my headphones into one of the splitters and I plug my Buttkicker into the other. Presto... I have sound and haptics coming from one sound source which is the Rift S headset (simple and works wonderfully). However the G2 has no 3.5mm jack input and no way that I can see to get a separate audio signal. So if anyone knows how I would accomplish
  8. "Facebook Face"... I love it. That is what I will refer to it from now on!
  9. Thanks Don... your comments are reasonable and I just wish I was one of the folks who were enjoying it.
  10. I took the unit to my local PC guy (very knowledgeable about hardware). He re-seated the connection and then we gave it a try on his computer and same problem. He did say this is a very well known problem and said, in his eyes, the Rift S is next to junk from a hardware perspective. He said the reason is they wanted to make a cheap unit and they did - good for them but not so good for customers. He also mentioned I was lucky that it failed right off the bat because many people get stuck with them when they stop working after awhile. I have now returned the Rift S. So I am back to my original p
  11. Thanks guy. It seems I am in a bit of a holding pattern. My ticket is still listed as open with Oculus but they have stopped responding to for many days now so I really hope they get back to me at some point in time. I have also asked my local PC expert to try and re-seat the cable when he gets some time as I am a clutz and maybe did not get it right when I tried. I must admit my move from my trouble free Vive to the Rift S has been anything put pleasant.
  12. I tried both PravusJSB and Don's solutions (both made perfect sense and thank you for the suggestions) but neither worked. So, I pulled out my old HP Oman laptop (1070, Oculus ready) and set up the Rift S on it and the exact same problem happened. I have no idea why this happens but I am now assuming it is hardware related. I will talk to support to get a new unit.
  13. PravusJSB... I certainly could try this also. Just to be sure, you are saying that instead of plugging in your Rift USB connector into your motherboards USB 3 port, you are instead plugging it into your 2080 Type C USB port using an adapter designed for that. Is that correct? Did you just plug it in to the 2080 port get it to work or did you go through the Rift setup from scratch and then plug it in? Thanks
  14. Thanks Don, That is the most complete of any instructions to date. I very much appreciate your input and will set out to do this.
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