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  1. Just reinstalled DCS onto new computer in steam. I keep getting an authorization warning for the Marianas map and now I get the trial ending for all my purchased modules>
  2. The F4J Phantom were the last plane to launch and the first planes to recover {due to fuel considerations, spent most of the time flying around at max conserve}. A cycle was normally 1 1/2 hours. The goal was to pretty much roll out in the groove as the last plane launched. If you were late, the Air Boss would probably want to talk with you.
  3. Virtually all my F4J landings at NAS Oceana were done using the ball. Before deployment on the carrier, a lot of practice was done at the auxilary airfield. It would be "realistic" to have the ability to practice at the field.
  4. In the F4J we always did GCA approach to fields {ground controlled approach directed by a controller on the ground, this was a precision approach}. I wonder if something like this could be implemented in DCS?
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