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  1. I know that it absolutely should. The reason for this is because Fast Acquisition is considered a sub function of AACQ and ultimately, when the cursor is over a track other than the priority one, bumping the Castle switch will acquire the target under the cursor and not the point cue. So, it's blanked when the cursor is over another track to make it a completely consistent cue.
  2. With the AMRAAM selected and the target within Rmax, the XXX ACT cue on the HUD should show the computed Time to Active for the missile under the trigger before it is launched. If the missile is close enough to go active (mad dog) immediately on launch, it should say 0 ACT until being fired and then transition to the TTG cue. This is actually properly done on the Attack format already. You notice in the track once I get within Rmax the pre-launch TTA is displayed below the bottom edge of the tactical region. (Note, however, on the Attack format it is just a number with no "ACT" tex
  3. Note the Acq Point Cue doesn't actually always indicate the point of AACQ right now. The priority (as opposed to rank) logic for trackfiles is not yet implemented, so it's sort of useless. Basically when an L&S target is designated it shouldn't be shown. Also shouldn't be shown when the cursor is over another track.
  4. The Expand (EXP) function of the SA format should be toggle-able via HOTAS, using the Event Marker button on the control stick. SA Event Marker EXP bug.miz.trk
  5. On the Attack format it should be possible to change the azimuth by bumping the cursor on the left and right sides of the tactical region. On the Attack format it should be possible to select almost every option with the cursor instead of using the pushbutton. On the SA format you should be able to use the cursor to increment / decrement the range by bumping it near the top and bottom of the page. On the SA format the Event Marker button on the stick should toggle the Expand (EXP) function. The Castle switch actually uses the depress as a modifie
  6. Current Behavior. TWS scan centering currently remembers the last scan centering mode (AUTO or MAN) when switching through modes (e.g. STT or RWS). The one exception where it is correct right now if both a) STT has been entered from RWS and b) TWS is entered via the TWS pushbutton (PB10), AUTO will be selected. Intended Behavior. Instead, it should behave as such: When entering TWS from STT, either via pressing Undesignate, selecting the RTS option (PB5), or the TWS option (PB10), the scan centering mode is automatically set to AUTO. When entering TWS from
  7. The problem here is trackfiles aren't being deleted period. Upon entering ACM all onboard trackfiles should be deleted. And, to be clear, this includes the L&S.
  8. Jak525

    Ghost cursor

    The ghost cursor is a very modern addition. Probably won't see it. What should, however, happen for the "pre-ghost cursor logic" is that a cursor only appears when TDC priority is on a certain format. This is properly done on the Az/El, but missing on the Attack and SA.
  9. So, uh, a quick test of the issue here indicates there is no bug. For the issue OP mentioned, I am still able to use the STEP function while in the SA Expanded view. Furthermore the issue Ziptie mentioned about the STEP box not cycling trackfiles when entered after cursoring over a trackfile doesn't seem to be present either. It appears to be working as intended. I cursor over a HAFU, press STEP. STEP box appears over that HAFU. Subsequent presses of the STEP button cycle each trackfile. Yep, it's a pretty big issue. I think they need to rework/improve the entire MSI trackf
  10. @Ziptie Chuck's guide isn't ED's manual, so not for ED anyway. I actually looked up that statement about non-friendlies and looks like what's from Chuck's guide is actually from the Hoggit wiki's F18 page which I maintain. Didn't realize that was there, but I've amended it. Might've been put there due to the SA format not ranking friendlies (trackfiles on the SA vs. AzEl/Attack are in their own two bubbles as I'm sure you've seen, a big issue in and of itself as well). As for cycling contacts with TDC priority not on the SA format, that makes sense, though not sure if that sho
  11. @Ziptie One - I think at one point in DCS it only stepped through non-friendly trackfiles but it should step through everything by rank now. Second - Pretty sure it should still cycle through all HAFUs regardless. However, if the cursor is over a HAFU that trackfile is the first track STEP'd to. But it should still cycle thru everything after that. Third - Your wording is confusing, I think there might be a typo there haha. But, the fact the cursor shows on the SA format with the TDC NOT assigned to it is a bug in and of itself. Cursors should only be displa
  12. The real TWS AUTO scan centering, as I'm sure the devs know, has a more complicated logic incorporating a priority mechanic and ultimately tries to maintain as many trackfiles as it can. Especially considering Heatblur modeled the F-14's TWS AUTO, which is similar in the general idea, it'd be great to see in DCS on the F/A-18. Thus my question is: is AUTO centering ever planned to be expanded or will it always be simplified as "AUTO = centered on L&S"? I'm not asking when, just if it's in any long term gameplan whatsoever or if this is it.
  13. Yeah, no bug here, at least what the title is. Those two unknown trackfiles should actually have their HAFUs displayed in RWS mode assuming the MSI option is boxed, but that's for another bug, that's already been reported. Regardless the raw hit and acquisition point cue is there. Bottom line is the 4 targets are being displayed in some way, so there is no big here with regard to the hotfixed issue of targets not displaying at all at certain range scales.
  14. Just like the range scale can be incremented or decremented via the cursor on the Attack format by bumping it out then back into the tactical region within 0.8 seconds on the top/bottom, the same should be possible with the azimuth width on the left/right sides of the tactical region. The left side decrements by one and the right side increments by one. Looks like this one was missed during the original implementation of range scale bumping. Information PM'd to Bignewy. Thanks! azimuth HOTAS bump bug.miz.trk
  15. The reason for this is the existence of the AIM-9X Uplook reticle commanded via aft from Helmet Acq. I don't have the documentation myself to know whether it's correct that even without the 9X you can't go VACQ from HACQ. However I think it's plausible, to prevent the pilot from getting used to going to VACQ from HACQ when he does use the 9X.
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