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  1. Well, I might be kind anxious. But it has been a month right? Any news we can know about it please?
  2. If its written in N1 and N2, this wont puzzle me than.
  3. oh okay....that make sense now. Thanks for answering.
  4. I used to set it to HI during take-off , landing and AAR. Thought I can get faster engine response. But I just notice that in idle position, no matter its in LOW or HI, the fuel flow doesn't change a bit. Is it right? If its right, the switch only changes the way RPM display?
  5. Next time someone ask me if AV8B is worth buying. I will just show him this. Especially the “Day since reported” part. And let him decide on his own.
  6. Thanks for answering! Its good to know it does.:) I did search for ATFLIR....But only in FA18 forum.
  7. So, can I conclude that the AV8B in DCS should have ICLS and can use it to land on LHA, but it shouldn't have ILS to land on the airfield. Am I right?
  8. Several months ago I noticed the LHA has the "ACTIVE ICLS" command. But it didn't work. Now I tried again and found its still not functional. Am I missing someting? So I want to ask if Razbam have any plan about it, or....there are some other ways to land on LHA during the night and bad weather?
  9. OH GOD!It sounds like a really beast!Want this too.
  10. When the topd is loaded on the center,i can see other player‘s topd floating under them,and they saw mine was floating without pylons,either. Anyone has the same problem?
  11. It works!Thanks a lot!And in 2000C its VTB viewport and in AV8B they are left/right MFCD view ON/OFF. really thanks
  12. Just got my second sceen and found that when im in the M2000 and AV8B,the sceen i choose to display the MFCD won't display them unless i change the cockpit view(F1) to the outside view(F2). Just like this.:(
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