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  1. Search Grey Dashboard Option. The thread tells you how to change the grey for black and vice versa (one is for the civil version the other for military versions). How did you get olive drab?
  2. Something inexpensive and easy to install: If you can live with a little play in the swiveling you could put a cable tie around the base of that horizontal adjustment arm on the right of the photo, and one around the leg. Then connect them with a snap link (carabiner). If that's still too much play trying adding another on the other side if the adjustment arm on that side has a horizontal portion to loop it over. Add another cable tie if you need more height. If that seat isn't used in its full down position, you can lower the seat to give you slack in the cable ties and let you unhoo
  3. Did you update the firmware first? That note on the end of the joystick info "Version not Supported" indicates the firmware is not current. Start with that and see if the red turns to yellow.
  4. I got a lot from this video: At 0:14 as he approaches the road he is flaring fairly high and further back from the landing spot. He holds that flare until almost touchdown. After years of RL and Sim flying of fixed wing I learned to flare close to the runway to avoid a flare too high and dropping in, or worse stalling and spinning in. I started trying this approach of setting up the flare earlier and holding it and it improved my landings. It also let me concentrate on the other two controls. But, your mileage may vary.
  5. I second the MFG Crosswinds. Solid construction, great design, and many options for adjustments through cams and springs.
  6. Since this happened after an update, did you check to see if two keys got assigned to Idle Stop Release? Half the time I have a control problem I find that two keys have gotten assigned the same function.
  7. Sorry, didn't mean to insult your intelligence. I was pointing that information out to the two responses you received about the manual.
  8. It's in the manual, page 9. Axis-2-Button.
  9. Drendel, Huey says first was "delivered" to the US Army in September 1967, and production ran through July 1982. Bishop, Bell UH-1 Huey "Slicks" 1962-75 says the civilian model 205A was first flown in 1963. and, UH-1H Huey in action says the "H" program was started on April 4, 1966. Couldn't find an exact start of production date.
  10. In DCS World you have to delete any communication keyboard commands that are assigned to the controller button you plan to use for PTT. Example: if you have Comm (\) assigned to the trigger button on your joystick, and you want to use that button for your PTT, you have to make sure nothing is assigned in DCS. Then assign the PTT to your joystick button in Voice Attack (not Vaicom) from the Options menu under the Configuration tab.
  11. On the throttle base and you can see four steel bearings with set screws. Loosen the set screws, move the throttle to where you want it and tighten the screw back up. You can have two detents per throttle. This thread is specific to the problems of wear on the detent plate. You need to post these questions in a new post or find one already inquiring about the detents (there are some already).
  12. Open the Profile Edit page and look under Configuration. Does it show Open Configuration Window and the keystrokes to activate that, or has something been disabled or deleted?
  13. You can change the livery (skin) file to the grey panel. Here's a thread describing how to change the lua in the skin's livery file: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=192940&highlight=escaner
  14. Here's something to get you started. Start Voice Attack. Click the wrench symbol on lower right corner to open Options menu. Under General tab on Options menu click Joystick Options box at lower left. Click Assign 1 on Joystick Options menu and select the controller you want to assign the PTT button to from the list of controllers shown. Should show a check mark in Enable Joystick 1 box and list the controller you selected under it. Click Test button at lower left to open Test menu. Press the button on the controller you want to assign as PTT. The joystick info and button info should
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